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Stability and Electronic Structures of Divacancy Complexes in Graphene

Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Kim, Na Young; Lee, Eui-Sup; Le, Viet-DucMaterials Research SocietyMaterials Research Society 2016 Fall Meeting, 2016-11-28


Improvement of Surface Passivation and p-Doping for High-Efficient Photovoltaic Performance Based on PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots via Multifunctional Ligand Exchange Process

Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Song, Jung Hoon; 정소희Materials Research SocietyMaterials Research Society 2016 Fall Meeting, 2016-11-30


Pore size control in porous polymers

서명은researcher기초과학연구원 나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단제 4회 나노물질 및 화학반응 연구단 총괄 심포지움, 2016-05-02


RAFT copolymerization towards cross-linked nanoporous polymers

Seo, MyungeunresearcherAmerican Chemical Society252nd American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, 2016-08-21


Synthesis and Self-assembly Behaviors of Heteroarm Core Cross-linked Star Polymers

Ahn, nam young; Seo, Myungeunresearcher한국고분자학회IUPAC-PSK40, 2016-10-05


Controlled crosslinking copolymerization towards tailored porous polymers

Seo, Myungeunresearcher한국고분자학회IUPAC-PSK40, 2016-10-07


Mobile ion induced-hysteretic behaviors in conductive colloidal quantum dot solids

송정훈; 김용현researcher; 정소희한국물리학회The 9th International Conference on Quantum Dots, 2016-05-26


Single molecule dissociations from a NO-CoTPP and axial coordinations and electronic structures of diatomic NO, CO, and O2 molecules adsorbed onto CoTPP on Au(111), Ag(111) and Cu(111)

장윤희; 김용현researcher; 이의섭; 강세종; 김호원고등과학원2016 KIAS Electronic Structure Workshop, 2016-06-16


First-Principles Study of Divacancy Complexes in Graphene

Kim, Na Young; Kim, Yong Hyunresearcher; Lee, Eui Sup; Le, Viet Duc고등과학원2016 KIAS Electronic Structure Workshop, 2016-06-16


Synthesis and surface chemistry of tetrahedral shaped InP quantum dots

최혜경; 유동석; 김용현researcher; 정소희Gordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference (GRC): Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals, 2016-08-01


First-Principles Study on Ligand-Surface Passivation of Cation-Rich Colloidal Quantum Dots

김용현researcher; 고재현; 유동석Gordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference (GRC): Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals, 2016-08-03


Mobile ion induced-hysteretic behaviors in CQDs

Song, Jung Hoon; Kim, Yong Hyunresearcher; Jeong, SoheiGordon Research ConferenceGordon Research Conference (GRC): Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals, 2016-08-03


A couple of examples of biologically-inspired physics

김용운researcherKAIST 물리학과Physics Colloquium, 2010-11-01


Simple physics for complex biological problems

Kim, Yong WoonresearcherPostech, I-BIOI-Bio, colloquium, 2011-04-26


Conformations of semiflexible charged chains

Kim, Yong WoonresearcherKAIST, UCSBKAIST-UCSB Workshop on Exploring Structures at Multiple Length Scales, 2011-08-29


Understanding biological systems through statistical physics

김용운researcherPostech 물리학과Physics Colloquium, 2013-11-27


Theoretical approaches to paramecium swimming using hydrodynamic synchronization and DNA condensation at the Poisson-Boltzmann level

Kim, Yong WoonresearcherBritish Council, NIMSBritish Council Researchers Links Workshop on Soft Matter, 2014-03-21


통계물리를 이용한 생명현상의 이해: 비평형 요동부터 유전정보의 선택적 투과까지지

김용운researcher이화여대 물리학과Physics Colloquium, 2014-04-30


Facile preparation of block polymer films by RAFT photopolymerization

Oh, Jae Hoon; Seo, Myung EunresearcherJapan Polyimide & Aromatic Polymers Research Group22th Japan Polyimide & Aromatic Polymers Conference, 2014-12-01


Hierarchically porous polymers from block polymer precursors

서명은researcher엘지화학엘지화학 2015 메탈로센 심포지움, 2015-02-12

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