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A Novel Framework for Online Amnesic Trajectory Compression in Resource-Constrained Environments

Kusy, Brano; Sommer, Philipp; Lee, Jae-Gilresearcher; Liu, Jiajun; Jurdak, Raja; Shang, Shuo; Zhao, KunIEEE COMPUTER SOCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, v.28, no.11, pp.2827 - 2841, 2016-11


APAM: Adaptive Eager-Lazy Hybrid Evaluation of Event Patterns for Low Latency

Yi, Ilyeop; Lee, Jae-Gilresearcher; Whang, Kyu-YoungresearcherACM25th ACM Int'l Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), pp.2275 - 2280, 2016-10-26


신규 스마트폰 사용자의 중단가능성 예측 정확도 향상 연구

이재길researcher; 최민수; 양현석한국정보과학회데이타베이스연구, v.32, no.2, pp.119 - 129, 2016-08


An information-theoretic evaluation of narrative complexity for interactive writing support

Kwon, Ho Chang; Kwon, Hyuk Tae; Yoon, Wan-ChulresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDEXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS, v.53, pp.219 - 230, 2016-07


Invisible Brain: Knowledge in Research Works and Neuron Activity

Curtis, Dorothy; Chae, Suhyun; Segev, Avivresearcher; Jung, SukhwanPUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCEPLOS ONE, v.11, no.7, 2016-07


Parallel community detection on large graphs with MapReduce and GraphChi

Choy, Minsoo; Moon, Seunghyeon; Lee, Jae-Gilresearcher; Lee, Jin Woo; Kang, MinseoELSEVIER SCIENCE BVDATA & KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING, v.104, pp.17 - 31, 2016-07


Application of activity theory to analysis of human-related accidents: Method and case studies

Yoon, Young Sik; Ham, Dong-Han; Yoon, Wan-ChulresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDRELIABILITY ENGINEERING & SYSTEM SAFETY, v.150, pp.22 - 34, 2016-06


Analyzing Future Nodes in a Knowledge Network

Jung, Sukhwan; Lai, Tuan Manh; Segev, AvivresearcherIEEE Computer SocietyIEEE International Big Data Congress, pp.357 - 360, 2016-06


대용량 데이터 처리를 위한 고속 분산인메모리 플랫폼 기반 재귀적 질의알고리즘들의 구현 및 비교분석

김재성; 강민서; 이재길researcher한국정보과학회정보과학회논문지, v.43, no.6, pp.621 - 626, 2016-06


BlackHole: Robust Community Detection Inspired by Graph Drawing

Lim, Sungsu; Kim, Junghoon; Lee, Jae GilresearcherIEEE32nd Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering, pp.25 - 36, 2016-05-17


Topical Influence Modeling via Topic-Level Interests and Interactions on Social Curation Services

Kim, Daehoon; Lee, Jae Gilresearcher; Lee, Byung SukIEEE32nd Int'l Conf. on Data Engineering, pp.13 - 24, 2016-05-17


Social or Financial Goals? Comparative Analysis of User Behaviors in Couchsurfing and Airbnb

Jung, Jiwon; Yoon, Susik; Kim, Seunghyun; Park, Sangkeun; Lee, Kun Pyoresearcher; Lee, UichinresearcherACMACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 2016-05-09


Which Tags Do We Remember in Personal Information Management?

Oh, Jeungmin; Yoon, Wan-Chulresearcher; Suh, HyungilLAWRENCE ERLBAUM ASSOC INC-TAYLOR & FRANCISINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION, v.32, no.7, pp.568 - 583, 2016-05


콘텐츠 정보 지식구조를 이용한 협업 추천 시스템

김준우; 박준영; 이문용researcher한국정보처리학회2016년 춘계학술발표대회, 2016-04-30


I-Eng: an interactive toy for second-language learning

Lee, Uichinresearcher; Jeong, Hayeon; Saakes, Daniel PieterresearcherACMINTERACTIONS, v.23, no.2, pp.14 - 15, 2016-03


혈액종합검사에 특화된 온톨로지 구축: 설계와 활용

제현우; 박유경; 홍원의; 이문용researcher한국정보과학회, 한국정보처리학회Proceedings of the 18th Korea Conference on Software Engineering (KCSE 2016), 2016-01-29


Graph-based retrieval model for semi-structured data

Park, Juneyoung; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher한국정보과학회2016 International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), 2016-01-19


Introducing experiential knowledge platform: A smart decision supporter for field experts

Han, Kijoon; Lee, Eunkyung; Je, Hyunwoo; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher한국정보과학회2016 International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), 2016-01-18


A hybrid method for retrieving medical documents with query expansion

Choi, Jiyeon; Park, Youkyoung; Yi, Mun Yongresearcher한국정보과학회2016 International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp), 2016-01-18


Demo hour : I-Eng: A Toy for Second-Language Learning

Lee, Uichinresearcher; Jeong, Hayeon; Saakes, Daniel PieterresearcherACMINTERACTIONS, v.23, no.1, pp.8 - 11, 2016-01

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