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Impedance Parameter Variations at Intravenous (IV) Infiltration Using Bioelectrical Impedance:A Pilot Study

Kim, Jaehyung; Lee, Man-Seopresearcher; Baik, Seungwan; Kim, Gunho; Hwang, Youngjun; Jeon, Gyerok한국멀티미디어학회멀티미디어학회논문지, v.20, no.10, pp.1678 - 1688, 2017


넓은 입력 전압 범위에서 작은 트랜스포머 오프셋 전류를 가지는 비대칭 하프-브리지 컨버터

한정규; 김종우; 문건우researcher전력전자학회전력전자학회 논문지, v.22, no.5, pp.431 - 439, 2017


DEVS 형식론 기반의 재겨냥성 하둡 시뮬레이션 환경 개발

김병수; 강봉구; 김탁곤researcher; 송해상한국시뮬레이션학회한국시뮬레이션학회 논문지, v.26, no.4, pp.51 - 61, 2017


다시점 객체 공분할을 이용한 2D-3D 물체 자세 추정

김성흠; 복윤수; 권인소researcher한국로봇학회로봇학회 논문지, v.12, no.1, pp.33 - 41, 2017


MEMS 기술을 이용하여 제작한 적외선 영상 투사용 에미터 단위 소자의 특성 분석

박기원; 신영봉; 강인구; 이희철researcher대한전자공학회전자공학회논문지, v.54, no.3, pp.31 - 36, 2017


Introduction to the Special Issue on the 2017 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference

Piessens, Tim; Ryu, Seung-Takresearcher; Hung, Chih-Ming; Molnar, Alyosha; Meghelli, MounirIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, v.52, no.12, pp.3115 - 3118, 2017-12


Construction of a Multiway Carbon Nanotubes Loudspeaker with Finely Tunable Resonance Frequencies

Shin, Eui Joong; Park, soo yeon; Kim, Choong Sun; Cho, Byung-Jinresearcher; Choi, Jung-WooresearcherWILEYADVANCED MATERIALS TECHNOLOGIES, v.3, no.2, 2018-02


A High-Performance Top-Gated Graphene Field-Effect Transistor with Excellent Flexibility Enabled by an iCVD Copolymer Gate Dielectric

Oh, Joong Gun; Pak, Kwanyong; Kim, Choong Sun; Bong, Jae Hoon; Hwang, Wan Sik; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; Cho, Byung-JinresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHSMALL, v.14, no.9, 2018-03


Flexible and Transparent Graphene Electrode Architecture with Selective Defect Decoration for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

Park, Ick Joon; Kim, Tae In; Yoon, Taeshik; Kang, Sumin; Cho, Hyunsu; Cho, Nam-Sung; Lee, Jeong-Ik; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Choi, Sung-YoolresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.28, no.10, 2018-03


Polyphase-Basis Discrete Cosine Transform for Real-Time Measurement of Heart Rate With CW Doppler Radar

Park, Jun Hyeong; Ham, Jong-Wook; Park, Seungwoon; Kim, Dohoon; Park, Seong Jin; Kang, Hyun-Seong; Park, Seong-OokresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, v.66, no.3, pp.1644 - 1659, 2018-03


NOSArmor: Building a Secure Network Operating System

Jo, Hyeonseong; Nam, Jaehyun; Shin, SeungwonresearcherWILEY-HINDAWISECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS, 2018-03


Quantitative analysis of charge trapping and classification of sub-gap states in MoS2 TFT by pulse I-V method

Park, Junghak; Hur, Ji-Hyun; Jeon, SanghunresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDNANOTECHNOLOGY, v.29, no.17, 2018-04


A Preamble Collision Resolution Scheme via Tagged Preambles for Cellular IoT/M2M Communications

Jang, Han Seung; Kim, Su Min; Park, Hong-Shikresearcher; Sung, Dan KeunresearcherIEEE Vehicular Technology SocietyIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, v.67, no.2, pp.1825 - 1829, 2018-02


Dual-side Optimization for Cost-Delay Tradeoff in Mobile Edge Computing

Kim, Yeongjin; Kwak, Jeongho; Chong, SongresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.67, no.2, pp.1765 - 1781, 2018-02


Electronically Tunable Perfect Absorption in Graphene

Kim, Seyoon; Jang, Min Seokresearcher; Brar, Victor W.; Mauser, Kelly W.; Kim, Laura; Atwater, Harry A.AMER CHEMICAL SOCNANO LETTERS, v.18, no.2, pp.971 - 979, 2018-02


Multiparameter Sensor Interface Circuit With Integrative Baseline/Offset Compensation By Switched-Capacitor Level Shifting/Balancing

Suh, Ji-Hoon; Park, Jeong Ho; Kweon, Soon-Jae; Yoo, Hyung-JounresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS II-EXPRESS BRIEFS, v.65, no.3, pp.316 - 320, 2018-03


Uncooled Infrared Micro-bolometer FPA for Multiple Digital Correlated Double Sampling

Kim, Minsik; Park, Seunghyun; Lee, Kwy-Roresearcher; Yoo, Hyung-JounresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.30, no.6, pp.517 - 520, 2018-03


Structural design of a flexible thermoelectric power generator for wearable applications

Kim, Choong Sun; Lee, Gyu Soup; Choi, Hyeongdo; Kim, Yongjun; Yang, Hyeong Man; Lim, Se Hwan; Lee, Sang-Gugresearcher; Cho, Byung-JinresearcherELSEVIER SCI LTDAPPLIED ENERGY, v.214, pp.131 - 138, 2018-03


Modulating Brain Connectivity by Simultaneous Dual- Mode Stimulation over Bilateral Primary Motor Cortices in Subacute Stroke Patients

Lee, Jungsoo; Park, Eunhee; Lee, Ahee; Chang, Won Hyuk; Kim, Dae-Shikresearcher; Shin, Yong-Il; Kim, Yun-HeeHINDAWI LTDNEURAL PLASTICITY, v.2018, no.1458061, pp.1 - 9, 2018-02


머신비전의 최근 연구동향

한승훈; 장기정; 윤국진researcher; 차준혁; 노경식; 권인소researcher한국정밀공학회한국정밀공학회지, v.18, no.3, 2001-03

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