Motion planning of bimanual robotic assembly = 양팔을 사용하는 조립 작업을 위한 로봇의 운동 계획

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This dissertation proposes an approach to motion planning of the bimanual robot carrying out assembly. The assembly process is modeled and planned at the task-level as a sequence of discrete contact states. This task-level assembly plan is, then, converted automatically to the lower-level motions in terms of velocity commands. Motion of the bimanual robot is planned to satisfy these requirement among other constraints. The approach employs an adaptive assembly model which is updated on-line to accommodate and handle states and transitions which are not modeled a priori. Assembly planning of the workpieces is formulated as a constrained minimization problem using the assembly constraints and positions of the workpieces. The assembly plan in symbolic transitions is converted to motions of the workpieces based on the cost function to exploit the task compatibility and redundancy of the bimanual robot, and to maximize control performance. The method to convert the symbolic transitions to the numerical constraint equations, in the form of equalities and inequalities, is developed. The target assembly is gradually attained by changing contact states. The transition of the state is represented as a process that acquires target primitive contact and avoids a set of unwanted primitive contact while maintaining current primitive contact. In addition to the geometric information, physical condition of the bimanual robot system is added as the constraint of the optimization problem in the motion planning stage. This dissertation proposes the limitation conditions, the relative motion condition, and the joint limit condition. The task-compatibility-based motion planning is proposed to exploit redundancy of the bimanual robot and to maximize control performance. The assembly motion is executed along the direction to maximize the performance indices so that the control performance of the two manipulators is improved. The robot fairy satisfies control direction of both posi...
Lee, Doo Yongresearcher이두용researcher
한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공,
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268677/325007  / 020035318

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공, 2007. 8 , [ viii, 109 p. ]


Bimanual manipulator; Motion planning; Assembly; Discrete Event Dynamic System; 양팔로봇; 운동계획법; 조립작업; 이산이벤트시스템; Bimanual manipulator; Motion planning; Assembly; Discrete Event Dynamic System; 양팔로봇; 운동계획법; 조립작업; 이산이벤트시스템

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