Controlling the crystallinity of solution processable materials via tuning the supersaturation state in the meniscus-guided solution shearing = 용액전단법 내 메니스커스 조절을 통한 과포화 상태 및 재료 결정성 제어

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Recently, there has been a significant interest in solution-based coating techniques because solution processable organic/inorganic thin films can be made using more energy-efficient and cost-effective methods. Solution-based coating techniques enable to fabricate large-area thin film on plastic substrates, and it can be applied to the flexible electronics. However, the device performance is determined by the crystallinity of thin film, so the control of crystallinity, crystal orientation, and molecular packing is major issue to be solved for industrial application. Meniscus guided coating techniques, such as dip coating, blade coating and solution shearing, have been developed to control the nucleation, crystal growth, molecular alignment during the coating process by inducing meniscus at the substrate-liquid-air interfaces. Herein, we demonstrate the application of inorganic polymer, allyhybridpolycarbosilane(AHPCS), as the microstructured blade for solution shearing. Using the AHCPS-based microstructured blade, high curvature regions of meniscus can be induced at the edge of the meniscus (i.e. meniscus line), and therefore supersaturation state of solution can be tuned. We demonstrated that the crystal width of small molecule organic semiconductor increases with increasing the microstructure dimension, resulting in higher field-effect mobility. Moreover, Metal Organic Framework(MOF) thin film can also be fabricated by using the solution shearing, through which the crystallinity, crystal size, and film thickness can be controlled. This phenomenon is attributed to the change of solvent evaporation rate, and therefore nucleation, crystal growth rate. Such a control of morphology and crystal properties by manipulating the shape and dimension of microstructure on blade brings solution shearing closer to industrial application and expand it applicability to flexible electronics.
Park, Steveresearcher박스티브researcher
한국과학기술원 :신소재공학과,
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학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 신소재공학과, 2019.2,[vi, 33 p. :]


Solution shearing▼ainorganic polymer▼amicrostructuring▼ameniscus▼asupersaturation▼asolution processable materials; 용액전단법▼a무기고분자▼a마이크로구조화▼a메니스커스▼a과포화▼a용액공정가능재료

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