Highly Aligned BaTiO3 Nanotube for Self-Powered Generator

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Piezoelectric energy harvesting technologies that scavenge electricity from mechanical energy have attracted interest in the material research community due to their availability in indoor environments without the need for batteries. One way of harvesting electrical energy from the mechanical energy of ambient vibrations is to utilize the piezoelectric properties of ferroelectric materials. This research reports on the generator to use piezoelectric BaTiO3 nanotubes. The nanotube used device is produced by the simple process of immersing a polydimethylsiloxane to aligned nanotube synthesized by hydrothermal reaction and coating the electrode to both surfaces. The device generates an output voltage and a current of under periodic bending motions. We also demonstrate energy conversion of the single nanotube. The results show that the nanogenerator with BaTiO3 nanotube can offer innovative opportunities with regard to consumer electronics and self-powered energy sources for health care systems.
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