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School of Innovation(Innovation학부)


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The interdisciplinary major program at KAIST was founded on September 1, 2003 to educate and train interdisciplinary experts who can solve complex problems and to create new academic areas by organically combining a variety of fields in natural sciences/engineering as well as the humanities and social sciences. With the subsequent establishment of auxiliary organizations, the program was launched in earnest in April 2004. While interdisciplinary research conducted at Korean universities continues to be unitary, hierarchical, and focused on individual departments without an efficient system, developed nations including the United States and the United Kingdom are making their curricula more complex, networked, and multidisciplinary and are expanding support for interdisciplinary research. KAIST established the interdisciplinary major program to integrate various existing academic disciplines and to develop new areas through the application of a system that is more flexible than that currently employed.

Sub-communities within this community
Graduate Program of Science Journalism(과학저널리즘대학원프로그램)
Dept. of Management Science(경영과학과)
Global Information & Telecommunication Technology Program(글로벌IT기술대학원 프로그램)
Graduate Program of Intellectual Property(지식재산대학원프로그램)
Graduate School of Innovation & Technology Management(기술경영전문대학원)
Recent Submissions

스마트TV 망 중립성 해법 고찰:이용자-이용자, 이용자-ISP/CP, ISP-CP 갈등을 중심으로


TV 뉴스의 방폐장 보도태도 분석 : 부안과 경주 사례의 과학기술위험보도 비교분석을 중심으로


4대강 사업에 대한 신문 보도 분석


역대 대통령의 원자력 및 핵 관련 보도 변화에 관한 연구 - 조선일보·동아일보·경향신문을 중심으로 -


방송매체의 과학 이슈 보도 프레임 연구 - 국제과학비즈니스벨트 논의를 중심으로

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