Blind 3D mesh watermarking based on cropping-resilient synchronization

This paper proposes a novel anti-cropping blind 3D mesh watermarking method. Although there have been many mesh watermarking studies, methods with robustness to cropping attack are rare. Existing anti-cropping watermarking methods show only slight robustness to cropping and signal processing attack. Cropping is one of the most severe attack, since it significantly undermines the synchronization of watermarking. In this paper, we solve the synchronization problem in a blind environment which is a core part of the anti-cropping watermarking method using local shape-based synchronization. The proposed local shape-based synchronization is robust to not only cropping attack, but also similarity and distortion attack, since it uses the shape information of the mesh, not the surface information. In the watermark embedding process, the distortion from the watermark was minimized by using the method of spreading based on segmented bin. Additionally, the method has higher security than the existing method. In the experimental results, the proposed method shows high robustness against common signal processing attacks as well as severe cropping attacks with high invisibility.
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MULTIMEDIA TOOLS AND APPLICATIONS, v.76, no.24, pp.26695 - 26721

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CS-Journal Papers(저널논문)
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