A Study on the Correlation of the Skin Feeling with Rheological Parameters and Other Physical Properties

This study was pursued to measure skin feeling of cosmetics by mechanical methods. For this attempt, skin feeling of cosmetics such as spreading properties, tackiness, and residual greasy feeling after skin application was explored with the amount and kinds of cosmetic compositions-emulsifiers, waxes, thickeners, polyols, and oils. Furthermore, the relationship between these cosmetic compositions and viscometry of cosmetic products was studied. In case of emulsifiers, waxes, and thickeners, they showed strong correlation with both skin feeling and the value of phase angle, the property of viscometry, respectively, while polyols and oils were observed a special tendency neither skin feeling nor the property of viscometry. It leads to the conclusion that skin feeling may be corresponded to not values of a mechanical measure completely but a function of several properties. We expect that a better correlation can be discovered with additionally measured properties such as friction, volatility, etc.
Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea
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Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists of Korea, v.30, pp.141 - 145

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