Sherlock-SD: A Light-Weight Universal Service Discovery for Web of Things (WoT) Services

Since the Web of Things (WoT) term was first proposed, there has a big trend in IT vendors providing users with various services through their smart products. To enable users to discover and leverage these services, SDPs play an important role. However, so many variations of SDPs have been introduced it has caused a heterogeneity issue. Including standardization, many solutions have been proposed, but they require too much overhead or have practicality issues. In this paper, we propose a system composed of fundamental building blocks, including a knowledge base and probing packets to address this issue. We evaluate the performance of our system by conducting real world experiments using smart object services in a local network. The experiment results show that Sherlock-SD identifies up to 92% of target services correctly only with 3 probing packets out of 6 in the best case, without any of the overhead that existing solutions impose. In terms of resource consumption overhead, compared to 4 SDPs enumeration, Sherlock-SD requires 67.6% of the memory and consumes 30.7% of power.
IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference
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The 12th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications & Networking Conference (CCNC 2015)

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