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College of Liberal Arts and Convergence Science(인문사회융합과학대학)


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The College of Liberal Arts and Convergence Science pursues openness between science and liberal arts, education with active communication, and a manifestation of harmony between mathematical logic and emotional imagination.

Sub-communities within this community
Graduate School of Culture Technology(문화기술대학원)
Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy(과학기술정책대학원)
School of Humanities & Social Sciences(인문사회과학부)
Recent Submissions

일제강점기 지식인 실업 문제의 문학적 형상화 양상 연구


Variable Fractional Delay Filters in Bandlimited Oscillator Algorithms for Music Synthesis


On Minimizing the Look-Up Table Size in Quasibandlimited Classical Waveform Oscillators


Multimodal Deep Learning


A Classification-Based Polyphonic Piano Transcription Approach Using Learned Feature Representations

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