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Large surface area titanium oxide nanotube arrays anodized in KH 2PO4/NH4F/citric acid electrolytes by multi step voltage method

Cho S.-J.; Yang D.-J.researcher; Kim J.-O.; Choi W.-Y., 2006 IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference, NMDC, pp.440 - 441, 2006-10-22

Lateral Silicon Field Emission Devices using Electron Beam Lithography

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, Micoroprocesses and Nanotechnology'99, pp.134 - 135, 1999

Layer selective magnetic moment distribution in an epitaxial double spin valve structure: Si(001)/Cu/FeNi/Cu/Co/Cu/FeNi/Cu

Samad A.; Choi B.C.; Langridge S.researcher; Penfold J.; Bland J.A.C., Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE International Magnetics Conference 'Digest of Intermag 99'11, 1999-05-18

Layout transformations for heap objects using static access patterns

Jeon J.; Shin K.; Han H.researcher, 16th International Conference, 2007 Compiler Construction16th International Conference on Compiler Construction, CC 2007, v.4420 LNCS, pp.187 - 201, 2007-03-26

Layout-aware synthesis of arithmetic circuits

Um J.; Kim T.researcher, 39th Annual Design Automation Conference, DAC'02, pp.207 - 212, 2002-06-10

Layout-driven resource sharing in high-level synthesis

Um J.; Kim J.-H.; Kim T.researcher, IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), pp.614 - 618, 2002-11-10

Le salon de recurrence

Choi Y.; Kwon Soon ilresearcher; Kim Y.H., 16th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, MM '08, pp.1127 - 1128, 2008-10-26

Leaching characteristics of glassy waste forms containing two different incineration ashes

Kim I.-T.; Kim J.-H.; Lee K.-S.; Seo Y.-C.; Koo J.-K.researcher, The 1999 International Conference on Incineration and Thermal Treatment Technologies, v.20, no.40669, pp.409 - 416, 1999

Leakage power minimization for the synthesis of parallel multiplier circuits

Shin K.researcher; Kim T., Proceedings of the 2004 ACM Great lakes Symposium on VLSI, GLSVLSI 2004: VLSI in the Nanometer Era, pp.166 - 169, 2004-04-26

Learning content management system & educational environment management system for personalized e-learning

Park, Sang Chan, European Applied business Research Conference, 2003

Learning cooperation in a tangible Moyangsung

Park K.S.; Cho Hyun Sangresearcher; Lim J.; Cho Y.; Kang S.; Park S., 2nd International Conference on Virtual Reality, ICVR 2007, pp.689 - 698, 2007-07-22

Learning in ambidextrous organizations: Evaluation heterogeneity and loss of good ideas

Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Lee, Jeho; Ethiraj, Sendil, Annual Meeting of Theoretical Organizational Modeling Society, INSEAD, 2018-06-29

Learning on the Web through Virtual Reality: Developing an Educational Game

김형관researcher, '98 Korean Society for Mathematical Education Spring Conf. Proc., 1999

Learning Systems for Manufacturing Automation: Integrating Explicit and Implicit Knowledge.

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, International Conference on the Manufacturing Science and Technology of the Future., 1989

Learning Systems for Prediction and Trading: Application to Korea and Poland

김형관researcher, 한국경영학회 '97 춘계학술대회, pp.289 - 308, 1997

Learning Systems for Process Automation through Knowledge Integration

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, World Congress on Expert Systems, 1994

Learning with Genetic Algorithm

길이만, KACC, pp.1057 - 1060, 1995

Learning with Genetic Algorithm

Kil, Rhee Man, Korea-Australia Joint Workshop on Evolutionary Computation, pp.43 - 50, 1995

Least popularity-per-byte replacement algorithm for a proxy cache

Kim K.; Park D.researcher, 8th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems, pp.780 - 787, 2001-06-26

Legal aspects of virtual identity

Van Kokswijk J.researcher, 2007 International Conference on Cyberworlds, CW'07, pp.77 - 82, 2007-10-24


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