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Gate-Induced Drain Leakage in MOSFETs

Chul-Hi Hanresearcher, International Symposium on Physics of Semiconductors and Applications, 1990

Gauge block calibration by using a high speed phase shifting interferometer comprising two frequency scanning diode lasers

Kim J.W.; Kim J.-A.; Jang R.researcher; Kang C.-S., Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection VI, v.7389, 2009-06-15

General Selection Criteria of Cleanup Methods for Toxic Organic Pollutants in Unsaturated Soil

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, ENVIROTECH Vienna 1990, Second International ISEP Congress, 1990

General Selection Criteria of Treatment and Disposal Methods for Toxic Organic Pollutants in Unsaturated Soil

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, IAWPRC Asian Conference on Water Pol. Control, pp.621 - 630, 1988

General Strategies toward the Synthesis of High-Quality 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides

심기웅; 최성율; 양상윤; 서승범, 제 4회 한국 그래핀 심포지엄, 제 4회 한국 그래핀 심포지엄, 2017-04-06

General-Purpose Code Acceleration with Limited-Precision Analog Computation

Amant, Renée St; Yazdanbakhsh, Amir; PARK, JONGSE; Thwaites, Bradley; Esmaeilzadeh, Hadi; Hassibi, Arjang; Ceze, Luis; et al, International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), ACM SIGGRAPH and IEEE TCCA, 2014-06-14

Generalization Bounds for the Regression of Real-Valued Functions

Kil, Rhee Man, ICONIP, 2002

Generalized design of disturbance observer for non-minimum phase system using an H-infinity approach

Seo, Hyung-Tae; Kim, Kyung-Soo; Kim, Soohyun, 2013 13th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, ICCAS 2013, pp.1 - 4, ICCAS, 2013-10

Generation of 420 nm Emission by Direct Frequency Doubling of INjection-locked GaAIAs Array Output using KNbO3

Myung-Ki Chunresearcher, The Annual Meetings of the Optical Society of America, 1988

Generation of Blue Light by Frequency Doubling of Semiconductor Sources

Myung-Ki Chunresearcher, Invited paper at LEOS'91, 1991

Generation of magnetic propulsion force using wireless power transfer coil

Kim, Dongwook; Park. Jaehyoung; Park. Hyun-Ho; Ahn. Seungyoung, IEEE International Magnetics Conference, IEEE Magnetics, 2015-05-13

Ghost image analysis of contrast-enhancement film for PDPs

Beom T.W.; Cui H.; Lee D.H.; Jeong W.J.; Yoon K.C.researcher; Kim S.T.; Park J.R., 14th International Display Workshops, IDW '07, pp.855 - 856, 2007-12-05

GNBD/VIA: A Network Block Device over Virtual Interface Architecture on Linux

Jin-Soo Kimresearcher, IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, 2002

Grangeat-type half-scan algorithm for cone-beam CT

Lee S.W.researcher; Wang G., Medical Imaging 2003: Physics of Medical Imaging, pp.980 - 1000, 2003-02-16

Green IT: Transforming Enterprise Information Systems

Lee Joosung Jresearcher; Park, Ki-Jung, US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology and Entrepreneurship, 2009-07

Green, self-luminescent Tb3+ doped silicon oxy-nitride microdisk on Si chip for biosensor applications

Jeong H.researcher; Shin J.H.; Sung G.-Y., 2008 5th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, GFP, pp.335 - 337, 2008-09-17

Gromov norm and Toledo invariant

김인강, 98 TGRC-KOSEF workshop on mathematics, pp.103 - 110, 1998

Ground station development for the STSAT-3

Kim K.researcher; Lee C.; Park S.-O.; Park M.Y.; Lee J.-J.; Lee J.-S.; Seo G.-J.; et al, 60th International Astronautical Congress 2009, IAC 2009, v.5, pp.3550 - 3556, 2009-10-12

Group Control Motive as a Determinant of Ownership Structure in Business Conglomerates - Evidence from Korea's Chaebols

Sung, Taeyoon, The 4th Asian Corporate Governance Conference, 2005

Group Registration in Wireless Cellular Systems with Short-Range Radio Networks

Lee, Joonwon, The 5th IFIP TC6 International Conference on Mobile and Wireless Communications Networks'2003, 2003


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