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Evidence for spin-fluctuation scattering in reentrant amorphous FeMnZr alloys

Kim K.S.; Yu S.C.; Perumal A.researcher; Srinivas V.; Rao V.V.; Dunlap R.A., ISAMM 2002, v.327, no.40578, pp.415 - 418, 2002-10-02

Evolution of outsourcing research: what is the next issue?

Lee Jae-Namresearcher; Huynh Minh Q.; Chi-wai Kwok Ron; Pi Shih-Ming, The 33rd Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Siences (HICSS-33), pp.209 -, 2000-01-04

Exact Trap Evaluation by Charge Pumping Method in poly-Si TFTs

한철희researcher, 반도체 학술대회, pp.217 - 218, 1999

Example-based learning for single-image super-resolution

Kim K.I.; Kwon Y.researcher, 30th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition, pp.456 - 465, 30th DAGM Symposium on Pattern Recognition, 2008-06-10

Exception Analysis for JAVA

Kwangkeun Yiresearcher, European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming Workshop on Formal Techniques for JAVA Programs, pp.65 - 72, 1999

Exception Analysis for Multi-threaded Java Programs

Kwangkeun Yiresearcher, 2nd Asia-Pacific Conference on Quality Software, 2001

Excess cash and share repurchases

Han, Seung Hunresearcher; 김호현, 2016 한국연구재단 제3회 차세대 사회과학자 학술대회, 한국연구재단, 2016-02-26

Excess Cash and the Effects of Share Repurchases

Han, Seung Hunresearcher; 김호현, 2nd annaul International Corporate Governance Society (ICGS) Conference, Bently University, 2016-10-01

Exchange Heuristic Procedure for the Cash Flow Discounted Project Scheduling

양태용researcher; 최재원; 김세정; 이소민, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2004

Exergetic analysis of integrated layout for liquid air energy storage applied to APR1400 using mechanical drive steam turbines

허진영; 박정환; 이정익, 2019 한국원자력학회 추계학술발표회, 한국원자력학회, 2019-10-24

EXMAR: EXpanded view of mobile augmented reality

Sungjae Hwang;; Hyungeun Jo; Jung-hee Ryuresearcher, 9th IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2010: Science and Technology, ISMAR 2010, pp.235 - 236, 2010-10-13

Experience and Creativity

Veale, Anthony Richard, 1st International Conference on Cognition, IIT Gandhinagar, 2010-10-31

Experience with a retargetable compiler for a commercial network processor

Kim J.; Jung S.; Paek Y.researcher; Uh G.-R., International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, and Synthesis for Embedded Systems, CASES '02, pp.178 - 187, 2002-10-08

Experimental Evaluation of Algorithmic Performance on Two Shared Memory Multiprocessors

Lee, Joonwon, International Symposium on Shared Memory Multiprocessors, pp.46 - 48, 1991

Experimental Study of Compiler Techniques for NUMA Machines

Yunheung Paek.researcher, Joint Proceedings of IEEE International Parallel Processing Symposium & Symposium of Parallel and Distributed Processing, 1998

Exploiting Readymades in Linguistic Creativity : A System Demonstration of the Jigsaw Bard

Veale, Anthony Richard, The 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics, ACL-HLT, 2011-06-21

Exploration of an Individual Critic’s Review in Forecasting Box Office: Using Matrix Completion and Deep Learning

Park, Keeyeon; Bae, Giwoong; Kim, Hye-jinresearcher, 2019 AMA Winter Academic Conference, American Marketing Association, 2019-02-24

Exploration of Heuristic Rules for Green Home Design Decision Support System

Hyunjeong Kim; Dongjun Suh; Chang, Seong Ju, The International Conference & Expo on Emerging Technologies for a Smarter World, CEWIT2012, 2012-11

Exploring game leadership and online game community

Jang Y.researcher; Ryu S., 2009 Conference in Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications, VS-GAMES 2009, pp.178 - 181, 2009-03-23

Exploring the Current Situation of Venture Firms in Daeduk Valley

양태용researcher; 전의주; 김세정; 이소민, Computers and Industrial Engineering, 2004


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