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Development of junction temperature decision (JTD) map for thermal design of nano-scale devices considering leakage power

Yunhyeok I.researcher; Eun S.C.; Kiwon C.; Sayoon K., 23rd Annual IEEE Semiconductor Thermal Measurement and Management Symposium, SEMI-THERM, pp.63 - 67, 2007-03-18

Development of modulus-soil moisture model for subgrade soils using suction control testing system

Kim D.-S.; Seo W.-S.researcher; Lee S.-H., Pavement Mechanics and Performance, pp.256 - 263, 2006-06-06

Development of New Marketing Strategy Utilizing Data Mining Tools

Park, Sang Chan, Asia Pacific DSI Conf., pp.382 - 385, 1998

Development of Regional Water Quality Management Schemes

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, Proceedings of XVI Pacific Science Congress of Pacific Science Association, 1987

Development of the Economy-Ecology Balanced Municipal Solid Waste Management Model by WRAP (Waste Resources Allocation Program) and Screened LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) for Taejon Metropolitan City [#C3-11]

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, International Conference on EcoBalance, pp.299 - 302, 2000

: Development of the Electronic Personal Dosimeter System based on Silicon Photomultiplier and CsI(Tl) scintillator

박경진; 김진환; 김호직; 임경택; 김준혁; 이은중; 김기윤; et al, 2019 정례공동심포지움, IEEE NPSS Seoul Chapter, 대한핵의학회 핵의학영상및기기연구회, 한국방사선산업학회, 전남대 헬스케어의공학연구소, 2019-02-08

Development of UX scenarios for foldable phones

Choi, Kyungah; Ma, D; Nam, S, KSDS Spring International Conference, Korea Society of Design Science, 2019-05-25

Device Characteristics of 25 nm MOSFET with Floating Side Gates

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, ICSMM 2000, pp.118 - 119, 2000

DFS: A De-fragmented File System

Dae Yeon Parkresearcher, Tenth IEEE International Symposium on MASCOTS 2002, pp.71 - 80, 2002

Dielectrric characteristics of ECR-PECVD TA2O5 thin films on various substrates

Lee, Won-Jongresearcher; Chun, Soung Soonresearcher; Kim, Il, Proceedings of the IUMRS (International Union of Materials Research Society) 1994 International conference on Electronic Materials (ICEM'94), pp.321 - 326, ICEM, 1994-12

Difference threshold test for M-ary orthogonal FSK signaling in Rayleigh fading channels

Sang-Wu Kimresearcher, IEEE International Conf. on Communications (ICC), 2003

Difference Threshold Test for M-ary Signaling with Coherent Detection

Kim Y.G.; Kim S.W.researcher, IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference GLOBECOM'03, v.4, pp.1999 - 2003, 2003-12-01

Different Reasons for Different Responses: An Analysis of Incumbents' Adaption to Climate Change

Sump, Franziska; Yi, Sangyoonresearcher, Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, The Academy of Management, 2018-08-14

Differentiation and Integration in Organizational Learning

Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Stieglitz, Nils; Knudsen, Thorbjørn, Annual Meeting of Carnegie School of Organizational Learning, Carnegie School of Organizational Learning, 2015-05-03

Differentiation and Integration in Organizational Learning

Yi, Sangyoonresearcher; Knudsen, Thorbjørn; Stieglitz, Nils, Special Conference of Strategic Management Society, Strategic Management Society, 2014-06-14

Diffraction Limited broad stripe laser emission in an external resonator

Myung-Ki Chunresearcher, CLEO'89, 1984

Diffusion approximations to queue

최봉대, The 1st Workshop in Applied Math., pp.471 - 498, 1993

Diffusion Patterns of Telecommunication Services in Network Evolution

Ha, Imsook; Choi, MunKeeresearcher; Lee, Dukhee, ITS Africa-Asia-Australasia Regional Conference, Curtin University of Technology, 2005-08-28

Digital audio signal processor for cellular phone application

Yang Jeongsik; Park Chanhong; Kim Beomsupresearcher, Proceedings of the 1995 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, ASP-DAC'95, pp.183 - 187, 1995-08-29

Digital Carrier Recovery with Adaptive Dual Loop DPLL for Mobile Communication Applications

Beom-Sup Kimresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech & Signal Processing, pp.29 - 32, 1993


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