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A parallel motion estimation engine for H.264 encoding using the UMHexagonS algorithm

Shin Ji Yongresearcher; Park J.-W.; Lee I.-J.; Kim S.-D.; Weems C., International Conference on Convergence and Hybrid Information Technology 2009, ICHIT 2009, v.321, pp.53 - 59, 2009-08-27

A partial protection scheme based on layer dependency of scalable video coding

Hendry; Kim M.; Hahm S.; Lee K.; Park K.researcher, 5th International Conference on Visual Information Engineering, VIE 2008, no.543 CP, pp.777 - 782, 2008-07-29

A Partitioned On-Chip Cache for Reducing Memory Access Latency on Shared Memory Multiprocessors

Lee, Joonwon, International Symposium on High Performance Computing, 1997

A Physical-Based Analytical Twon-on Model of Polysilicon Thin Film Transitors for Circuit Simulation

Chul-Hi Han, Int'l Electron Device Meeting, 1995

A Polynomial-Complexity Deadlock Avoidance Policy for Sequential Resource Allocation Systems with Multiple Resource Acquisitions and Flexible Routings

Jonghun Parkresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control, 2000

A posteriori rake finger selection in space-time coded CDMA systems

Kim S.W.; Kim E.Y.researcher, GLOBECOM'05: IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2005, v.5, pp.3164 - 3168, 2005-11-28

A pre-crash discrimination system for an airbag deployment algorithm

Cho K.; Choi S.B.; Shin K.; Yun Y.researcher, 2010 American Control Conference, ACC 2010, pp.6949 - 6954, 2010-06-30

A Prefetching File System for WWW Servers

Lee, Joonwon, The International Symposium on Internet Technology, pp.112 - 117, 1998

A Prefetching Scheme for Image Computing

Lee, Joonwon, 1996 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp.161 - 164, 1996

A Proportional-Share Scheduler for Multimedia Applications

Lee, Joonwon, International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, pp.484 - 491, 1997

A proposal for enhancing the security system of short message service in GSM

Hossain Md.A.; Jahan S.; Hussain M.M.; Amin M.R.; Newaz S.H.S.researcher, 2nd International Conference on Anti-counterfeiting, Security and Identification, ASID 2008, pp.235 - 240, 2008-08-20

A Protocol for Fast Co-Allocation of Shared Web Services

Jonghun Parkresearcher, 4th International Workshop on Technologies for E-Services, 2003

A QoS tracking algorithm for multimedia requirements over IEEE 802.11e multihop networks

Lee J.Y.researcher; Lee S.J.; Jeong J.K.; Shin J.; Valaee S., 2010 IEEE 21st International Symposium on Personal Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC 2010, pp.2455 - 2459, 2010-09-26

A quad-channel 3.125Gb/s/ch serial-link transceiver with mixed-mode adaptive equalizer in 0.18um CMOS

Yang J.; Kim J.; Byun S.; Conroy C.; Kim B.researcher, Digest of Technical Papers - IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Visuals Supplement, v.47, pp.134 -, 2003-02-15

A quad-channel 3.125Gb/s/ch serial-link transceiver with mixed-mode adaptive equalizer in 0.18um CMOS

Yang J.; Kim J.; Byun S.; Conroy C.; Kim B.researcher, Digest of Technical Papers - 2004 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, v.47, pp.176 -, 2003-02-15

A qualitative meta-analysis on convergence around ICT sector

Bae Y.-G.researcher; Kong H.-K., 2010 International Conference on U- and E-Service, Science and Technology, UNESST 2010, Held as Part of the 2nd International Mega-Conference on Future Genration Information Technology, FGIT 2010, pp.195 - 205, 2010-12-13

A Queue with Periodic Markov Modulated Bernoulli Process

Choi, Bong Dae, 4th World Congress of the Bernoulli Society, 1996

A quorum-based extended group mutual exclusion algorithm without unnecessary blocking

Manabe Y.; Park J.researcher, Proceedings - Tenth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS 2004), v.10, pp.341 - 348, 2004-07-07

A Recognition of Hand Written Hangul by Fuzzy Inference in consideration of Hangul structure

Won Kyu Choi, , 1992

A Recognition of Hand Written Hangul by Structure Information

Won Kyu Choi, , 1992


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