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A New EEPROM with Floating ? Gate Storage Node

신형철researcher, 제9회 반도체학술대회, 제9회 반도체학술대회, 2002-02

A New Floating-Point Normalization Scheme by Bit Parallel Operation of Leading One Position Value

Euisik Yoonresearcher, Proceedings of the 3rd IEEE AP-ASIC, 2002

A New Geometric Criterion for Case Based Reasoning in Time Series Prediction

김형관researcher, '97 Spring Joint Conf. Proc. of Korean Management Science Society and the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, pp.191 - 194, 1997

A new high resolution single-crystal-silicon AMLCD technology

Chul-Hi Hanresearcher, 1996 Society for Information Display Int'l Symposium, pp.161 - 164, 1996

A new integrated serial 8-bit digital data driver for poly-Si TFT-LCDs

한철희researcher, 한국반도체학술대회, pp.213 -, 1999

A NEW MECHANISM FOR OS SECURITY:Selective Checking of Shared Library Calls for Security

Dae Yeon Parkresearcher, WEB Information Systems and Technologies, pp.381 - 388, 2005

A new method for extracting the weak phase gamma from B-->DK^(*) decays

고병원, 1998년도 한국물리학회, 1998

A new monolithic micro biosensor for blood analysis

Kim J.-H.; Kim B.-G.; Yoon E.researcher; Han C.-H.researcher, 14th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS 2001), pp.443 - 446, 2001-01-21

A New Monolithic Micro Biosensor for Glucose Monitoring

윤의식researcher; 한철희researcher, 제8회 반도체학술대회, pp.661 - 662, 2001

A new multirate detection algorithm for the 8kbps IS-95 CDMA forward traffic channel

Shin, Byung-Cheol, Int'l Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Commun., pp.275 - 278, 1997

A new peer-to-peer overlay network for scalable content-based publish/subscribe systems

Yongjin C.; Hyunbin L.; Keuntae P.; Daeyeon P.researcher, GLOBECOM'05: IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference, 2005, v.2, pp.938 - 942, 2005-11-28

A new poly-Si TFT pixel circuit scheme for an active-matrix organic light emitting diode displays

Goh J.-C.; Chung H.-J.; Han C.-H.researcher, Asia Display/IDW 2001, pp.319 - 322, 2002-10-16

A New QOS-Guaranteed Cell Discarding Strategy:Self-Calibrating Pushout

Jae-In Kim, IEEE GLOBECOM, pp.929 - 934, 1994

A New Quantum Dot Formation Process Using Wet Etching of Poly-Si Alog Grain Boundaries

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, MNC2000, pp.248 - 249, 2000

A new RF model for the accumulation-mode MOS varactor

Song S.-S.; Shin H.researcher, 2003 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, v.2, pp.1023 - 1026, 2003-06-08

A New RF Model of the Accumulation-Mode MOS Varactor Valid up to 18 GHz

신형철researcher, 제10회 반도체학술대회, 제10회 반도체학술대회, 2003-02

A new scheme to support voice call over wireless multi-channel MAC protocol

Trung T.M.; Mo J.researcher, HUT-ICCE 2006 1st International Conference on Communications and Electronics, pp.53 - 57, 2006-10-10

A New SOI Inverter using Active Body-Bias

Hyung-Cheol Shinresearcher, ITC-CSCC, pp.1457 - 1459, 1998

A new spreading sequence for convolutionally coded direct sequence spread spectrum communication systems

Sang-Wu Kimresearcher, Proc. of IEEE International Conf. on Communications, pp.1710 - 1714, 1995

A new steganography scheme based on an index-color image

Kim S.-M.; Cheng Z.; Yoo K.-Y.researcher, 6th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, ITNG 2009, pp.376 - 381, 2009-04-27


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