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How to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the second information technology revolution? Dynamic new combinations between technology, market, and society through open innovation

Lee, Min Hwa; Yun, Jinhyo Joseph; Pyka, Andreas; Won, Dongkyu; Kodama, Fumio; Schiuma, Giovanni; Park, Hang Sik; et al, Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity, v.4, no.3, 2018


CEO pension and selling, general and administrative cost stickiness

Mo, Kyoungwon; Park, Kyung Jin; Kim, Youngjinresearcher, International Journal of Entrepreneurship, v.22, no.4, 2018


The impact of CSR on the asymmetric Payfor- Performance Sensitivity of CEO compensation

Mo, K; Park, KJ; Kim, Yresearcher, Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, v.22, no.4, 2018-12


The impact of csr on the asymmetric pay-for-performance sensitivity of ceo compensation

Mo, K.; Park, K.J.; Kim, Y.researcher, International Journal of Entrepreneurship, v.22, no.4, 2018-12


Exploring the dynamic knowledge structure of studies on the Internet of things: Keyword analysis

Yoon, Youngseog; Zo, Hangjungresearcher; Choi, Mun-Keeresearcher; Lee, D.; Lee, H.-W., ETRI JOURNAL, v.40, no.6, pp.745 - 758, 2018-12


A Study on the Media Consumers' Behavior Related to Online Communications: Behavioral Economics Perspective

Ma, Alice Kyoungran; Kim, Takhunresearcher; Ahn, Jongchang, KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS, v.13, no.5, pp.2491 - 2508, 2019-05


Nonequilibrium driven by an external torque in the presence of a magnetic field

Lee, Sangyunresearcher; Kwon, Chulan, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.99, no.5, 2019-05


Forster resonance energy transfer in p-DTS(FBTTh2)(2)- p-SIDT(FBTTh2)(2) small molecule ternary blend bulk-heterojunction solar cells for enhanced power conversion efficiency

Datt, Ram; Sharma, Ramakantresearcher; Bishnoi, Swati; Gupta, Vinay, MATERIALS LETTERS, v.251, pp.122 - 125, 2019-09


Application of Hexagonal Boron Nitride to a Heat-Transfer Medium of an InGaN/GaN Quantum-Well Green LED

Choi, Ilgyu; Lee, Kwanjaeresearcher; Lee, Cheul-Ro; Lee, Joo Song; Kim, Soo Min; Jeong, Kwang-Un; Kim, Jin Soo, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.20, pp.18876 - 18884, 2019-05


Sand and silty-sand soil stabilization using bacterial enzyme-induced calcite precipitation (BEICP)

Hoang, Tung; Alleman, James; Cetin, Bora; Ikuma, Kaoru; Choi, Sun-Gyuresearcher, CANADIAN GEOTECHNICAL JOURNAL, v.56, no.6, pp.808 - 822, 2019-06


No-Cloning Theorem, Kochen-Specker Theorem, and Quantum Measurement Theories

Nagata, Koji; Nakamura, Tadao; Farouk, Ahmed; Do Ngoc Diep, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THEORETICAL PHYSICS, v.58, no.6, pp.1845 - 1853, 2019-06


Biogenic synthesis, characterization of gold nanoparticles using Lonicera japonica and their anticancer activity on HeLa cells

Patil, Maheshkumar Prakash; Bayaraa, Enkhnaran; Subedi, Paul; Piad, Lei Lottice Anne; Tarte, Naresh Hiralal; Kim, Gun-Do, JOURNAL OF DRUG DELIVERY SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.51, pp.83 - 90, 2019-06


Green fabrication of pore-filling anion exchange membranes using R2R processing

Yang, SeungCheol; Choi, Young-Woo; Choi, Jiyeon; Jeong, Namjo; Kim, Hanki; Jeong, Haejun; Byeon, Sung Yong; et al, JOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, v.584, pp.181 - 190, 2019-08


Design and Analysis of Sliding Window ARQ Protocols With Rate Adaptation for Burst Transmission Over FSO Turbulence Channels

Le, Hoang D.; Mai, Vuong V.researcher; Nguyen, Chuyen T.; Pham, Anh T., JOURNAL OF OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS AND NETWORKING, v.11, no.5, pp.151 - 163, 2019-05


Inhibition of Proliferation and Neurogenesis of Mouse Subventricular Zone Neural Stem Cells by a Mitochondrial Inhibitor Rotenone

Park, Ki-Youb; Kim, Man Su, 생명과학회지, v.28, no.12, pp.1397 - 1405, 2018


한·미 국방조달협정(Reciprocal Defense Procurement MOU) 체결의 예상 영향 연구

홍영식; 김만기; 손영환, 아태연구, v.25, no.4, pp.5 - 30, 2018-12


정적, 동적 분석방법을 결합하는 바이너리 코드 취약점 분석 프레임워크

이석수; 오원찬; 박선녀researcher; 조은선; 백인성, 정보과학회논문지, v.45, no.12, pp.1217 - 1226, 2018-12


산림치유 프로그램이 직장인의 회복탄력성과 행복감에 미치는 효과 - 대학 교직원을 대상으로 -

박창은; 김동준; 신창섭; 김윤희, 한국환경생태학회지, v.32, no.6, pp.667 - 675, 2018-12


요가와 명상 중심의 산림치유 프로그램이 성인의 기분상태와 스트레스 반응에 미치는 효과

박창은; 김동준; 박광수; 신창섭; 김윤희, 한국환경생태학회지, v.32, no.6, pp.658 - 666, 2018-12


모노스태틱/바이스태틱 ISAR 영상 융합을 통한 표적식별 연구

차상빈; 윤세원; 황석현; 김민; 정주호; 임진환; 박상훈, 한국정보기술학회논문지, v.16, no.12, pp.93 - 100, 2018-12

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