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Schlieren, Shadowgraph, Mie-scattering visualization of diesel and gasoline sprays in high pressure/high temperature chamber under GDCI engine low load condition

Kim, Donghoon; Park, Stephen Sungsan; Bae, ChoongsikresearcherKOREAN SOC AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS-KSAEINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.19, no.1, pp.1 - 8, 2018-02


Development of a self-driving car that can handle the adverse weather

Lee, Unghui; Jung, Jiwon; Jung, Seokwoo; Shim, David HyunchulresearcherKOREAN SOC AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS-KSAEINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.19, no.1, pp.191 - 197, 2018-02


Numerical simulation of the transition of metal transfer from globular to spray mode in gas metal arc welding using phase field method

Zhao, Yangyang; Chung, HyunresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE SAJOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY, v.251, pp.251 - 261, 2018-01


Effect of processing parameters of the continuous wet spinning system on the crystal phase of PVDF fibers

Jeong, Kun; Kim, Da Hye; Chung, Yong Sik; Hwang, Sang Kyun; Hwang, Hui Yun; Kim, Seong SuresearcherWILEYJOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, v.135, no.3, 2018-01


Best practice for positioning sound absorbers at room surface

Cho, Wan-Ho; Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher; Katsumata, Tomohisa; Toi, TakeshiELSEVIER SCI LTDAPPLIED ACOUSTICS, v.129, pp.306 - 315, 2018-01


Therapeutic Effects of Targeted PPAR. Activation on Inflamed High-Risk Plaques Assessed by Serial Optical Imaging In Vivo

Choi, Jah Yeon; Ryu, Jiheun; Kim, Hyun Jung; Song, Joon Woo; Jeon, Joo Hee; Lee, Dae-Hee; Oh, Dong Joo; Gweon, Dae-Gabresearcher; Oh, Wang-Yuhlresearcher; Yoo, Hongki; Park, Kyeongsoon; Kim, Jin WonIVYSPRING INT PUBLTHERANOSTICS, v.8, no.1, pp.45 - 60, 2018


Performance of the MITC3+and MITC4+shell elements in widely-used benchmark problems

Ko, Yeong Bin; Lee, Youngyu; Lee, Phill-Seungresearcher; Bathe, Klaus-JurgenPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDCOMPUTERS & STRUCTURES, v.193, pp.187 - 206, 2017-12


Examining impairment of adaptive compensation for stabilizing motor repetitions in stroke survivors

Kim, Yushin; Koh, Kyung; Yoon, BumChul; Kim, Woo-Sub; Shin, Joon-Ho; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Shim, Jae KunSPRINGEREXPERIMENTAL BRAIN RESEARCH, v.235, no.12, pp.3543 - 3552, 2017-12


Analytic solutions of the friction factor and the Nusselt number for the low-Reynolds number flow between two wavy plate fins

Yu, Dahm; Jeon, Wonjuresearcher; Kim, Sung JinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.115, pp.307 - 316, 2017-12


Direct estimation of edge flame speeds of lifted laminar jet flames and a modified stabilization mechanism

Jeon, Min-kyu; Kim, Nam IlresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE INCCOMBUSTION AND FLAME, v.186, pp.140 - 149, 2017-12


Measurement of phase distributions on the surface in subcooled pool boiling of FC-72

Jung, J.; Kim, J.; Lee, Hyosang; Kim, Sung-JinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.115, pp.62 - 72, 2017-12


Three dimensional evaluation of aluminum plates with wall-thinning by full-field pulse-echo laser ultrasound

Hong, Seung-Chan; Abetew, Ayalsew-Dagnew; Lee, Jung-Ryulresearcher; Ihn, Jeong-BeomELSEVIER SCI LTDOPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, v.99, pp.58 - 65, 2017-12


Emission reduction through internal and low-pressure loop exhaust gas recirculation configuration with negative valve overlap and late intake valve closing strategy in a compression ignition engine

Kim, Jaeheun; Bae, ChoongsikresearcherSAGE PUBLICATIONS LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENGINE RESEARCH, v.18, no.10, pp.973 - 990, 2017-12


Thermal characterization and optimization of pulsating heat pipes operating in a circulation mode

Noh, Hyung Yun; Kim, Sung JinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.115, pp.1234 - 1246, 2017-12



Lee, Hyuck Kee; Shin, Seong-Geun; Kwon, Dong-SooresearcherKOREAN SOC AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS-KSAEINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY, v.18, no.6, pp.1067 - 1076, 2017-12


Vehicle Positioning Based on Velocity and Heading Angle Observer Using Low-Cost Sensor Fusion

Park, Giseo; Hwang, Yoonjin; Choi, Seibum B.researcherASMEJOURNAL OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS MEASUREMENT AND CONTROL-TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASME, v.139, no.12, 2017-12


Formation of Linear Gradient of Antibiotics on Microfluidic Chips for High-throughput Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Kim, Seung Gyu; Lee, Sukhoon; Jeon, Jessie SungyunresearcherAmerican Physical SocietyAPS DFD 2017 Denver, 2017-11-20


다중 3차원 인텐시티 모듈을 이용한 음원 거리 추정

정인지; 이정권researcher한국음향학회2017 한국음향학회 추계학술발표대회, 2017-11-10


주기적으로 강화된 얇은 판을 연결하는 접합부에의 진동 전파

전지수; 이정권researcher한국음향학회2017 한국음향학회 추계학술발표대회, 2017-11-10


얇은 판 구조에서 가상 스피커 및 배플 형성

우정한; 이기호; 이정권researcher한국음향학회2017 한국음향학회 추계학술발표대회, 2017-11-10

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