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F-P LD 주입을 통한 스펙트럼 분할된 다중 광출력의 모드 분할 잡음 감소 방안

이창희researcher; 이훈근; 이혁재, 2007 광자기술학술회의, pp.F3B - 4, 2007


F-TCP : light-weight TCP for file transfer in high bandwidth-delay product networks = 대역폭과 지연이 큰 네트워크에서 파일 전송을 위한 전송계층 프로토콜link

Chuh, Yong-Jae; 주용재; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2005


f1.8 GHz 대역에서 DECT 무선 송신부의 구현에 관한 연구 = Development of RF transmitter module for DECT systemlink

정창섭; Jeong, Chang-Seop; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1997


Fabric Circuit Board-Based Dry Electrode and its Characteristics for Long-Term Physiological Signal Recording

Yoo, Jerald; Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, IEEE Engineering in Mecdicine nd BIiology- EMBC 2011, pp.2497 - 2500, IEEE, 2011-09-01


Fabrication & Characterization of a-Si:H/μ-Si:H Superlattice and Its Application to Solar Cell

Lim, Koeng Suresearcher, Hpfburg, Vienna Austria, 1998-01-01


Fabrication and analysis of chirped fiber Bragg gratings by thermal diffusion

Cho, SH; Park, JD; Kim, BW; Kang, Min Horesearcher, ETRI JOURNAL, v.26, no.4, pp.371 - 374, 2004


Fabrication and analysis of high-Q inductor on anodized aluminum for high power package

Lee J.-H.; Shin S.-H.; Kim K.M.; Kwon, Young Seresearcher, 36th European Microwave Conference, EuMC 2006, pp.1387 - 1390, 2006-09-10


Fabrication and analysis of the nonvolatile memory using silicon nanocrystals formed by wet etching = 습식 식각으로 형성된 실리콘 나노 크리스탈을 이용한 비휘발성 메모리의 제작 및 분석link

Yoo, Seong-Jong; 유성종; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2000


Fabrication and characteristics of multi-directionally wrinkable clothing-shaped organic light-emitting devices

Choi, Seungyeop; Lim, Myungsub; Kwon, Seonil; Kim, Hyuncheol; JEON, YONGMIN; Kim, Yong Min; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, IMID 2017, IMID, 2017-08


Fabrication and characterization of 65nm gate length p-MOSFET integrated with bottom up grown Si nanowire

Cho, Byung Jinresearcher; Yang, WF; Whang, SJ; Lee, SJ; Zhu, HC, 211th Electrochemical Society Meeting, pp.0 - 0, 2007-05-06


Fabrication and characterization of a nanoelectromechanical switch with 15-nm-thick suspension air gap

Jang, Weon-Wi; Lee, Jeong-Oen; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Kim, Min-Sang; Lee, Ji-Myoung; Kim, Sung-Min; Cho, Keun-Hwi; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.92, no.10, 2008-03


Fabrication and characterization of AlAs/InGaAs/InAs Resonant Tunneling Diodes

홍성철; 김형태; 최성순; 김석진; 송생섭; 양경훈researcher; 서광석, Korean Conference On Semiconductors, pp.341 - 342, 2003-02-27


Fabrication and characterization of Angled ribbon fibers using a CO2 Laser

Choi, Hun-kook; Duk-Jung; Sohn, Ik-Bu; Lee, Man-Seopresearcher; Noh, Young- Chul, COIN2014, KICS, 2014-08-28


Fabrication and Characterization of Coercive Voltage Tunable Ferroelectric Memory Structure

이희철researcher; 김우영, 제 18회 반도체 학술대회, 제 18회 반도체 학술대회, 2011


Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric multilayered films fabricated by using solvent blending

Kim, Woo-Young; Lee, Hee-Chulresearcher; Bae, Jin-Hyuk, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.61, no.9, pp.1518 - 1522, 2012-11


Fabrication and Characterization of Ferroelectric Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride-Trifluoroethylene) (P(VDF-TrFE)) Thin Film on Flexible Substrate by Detach-and-Transferring

Kim, Woo-Young; Lee, Hee-Chulresearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRONICS, v.E95C, no.5, pp.860 - 864, 2012-05



Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher; HAYES, JR; CANEAU, C; BHAT, R; KOZA, M, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.54, no.23, pp.2318 - 2320, 1989-06


Fabrication and characterization of MFISFET using Al2O3 insulating layer for non-volatile memory

Shin, C.H.; Cha, S.Y.; Lee, Hee Chulresearcher; Lee, W.-J.; Yu, B.-G.; Kwak, D.-H., 12th International Symposium on Integrated Ferroelectrics, v.34, no.40547, 2000-03-12


Fabrication and characterization of MFISFET using Al2O3 insulating layer for non-volatile memory

Shin, CH; Cha, SY; Lee, Hee Chulresearcher; Lee, WJ; Yu, BG; Kwak, DH, INTEGRATED FERROELECTRICS, v.34, no.1-4, pp.1553 - 1560, 2001


Fabrication and characterization of mmW-band InP/InGaAs PIN phase shifters using a developed BCB-based multi-layer technology = BCB 기반 다층구조를 이용한 밀리미터파 대역 InP/InGaAs PIN phase shifter의 제작 및 특성 분석link

Kim, Mun-Ho; 김문호; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

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