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Harmonic data placement: File system support for scalable streaming

Won, Youjipresearcher; Yang, Seungheon; Kang, Sooyong, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, v.52, no.3, pp.811 - 818, 2006-08

Harmonic elimination structures for Karaoke Mode in Spatial Audio Object Coding Scheme

Hahn, Minsooresearcher, IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics, IEEE, 2011

Harmonic Independent Vector Analysis (only abstract)

Choi, Choong Hwan; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher; Chang, Wonil, East-Asia Inter-University Workshop on Brain Engineering (EAW2011), 2011-12

Harmonic multicast-based proxy prefix cache allocation scheme for video-on-demand services = 주문형 비디오 서비스 시스템을 위한 하모닉 멀티캐스트 기반의 프록시 프리픽스 캐시의 할당 방식에 대한 연구link

Ahn, Sang-ong; 안상홍; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2012

Harmonic Potential Functions & Panel Method for Obstacle Avoidance

Kim, J.H.; Lee, Ju-Jangresearcher, 1991 KACC-international, KACC, 1991

Harmonic rejection mixer and harmonic rejection mixing method

Lee, Sang-Gugresearcher; Lee Sang-sung, 2011-07-26

Harmonic suppressed oscillator incorporating a novel ring type resonant cell

Hwang, C.G.; Myung, Noh-Hoonresearcher, 2nd IASTED International Conference on Antennas, Radar, and Wave Propagation, v.2005, pp.60 - 63, 2005-07-19

Harnessing multilayer transparent electrodes in optoelectronic devices: from ultra-efficient flexible OLEDs to heat-reflecting see-through solar cells

Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; LEE, JAEHO; Kim, Ho-Yeon, 9th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies, MRS, 2017-06-20

HARQ Buffer Management: An Information-Theoretic View

Lee, Wonju; Simeone, Osvaldo; Kang, Joon-Hyukresearcher; Rangan, Sundeep; Popovski, Peter, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, v.63, no.11, pp.4539 - 4550, 2015-11

HARQ Buffer Management: An Information-Theoretic View

Lee, Wonju; Simeon, Osvaldo; Kang, Joon-Hyukresearcher; Rangan, Sundeep; Popovski, Peter, International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT), IEEE, 2015-06-15

HARQ method for guaranteeing QoS in a wireless communication system

조동호researcher, 2008-03-25

HARQ Rate Selection Schemes in a Multihop Relay Network With a Delay Constraint

Kim, Seong Hwan; Lee, Seung Joon; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.64, no.6, pp.2333 - 2348, 2015-06

HARQ를 포함한 HSDPA 시스템에서 등화기 성능 비교 = Performance comparison of the equalizers in the HSDPA system with HARQlink

박민재; Park, Min-Jae; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2006

HashCache: Cache Storage for the Next Billion

Park, KyoungSooresearcher, USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), USENIX, 2009-04-22

Hashing directory scheme for NAND flash file system

Lim, S.-H.; Lee, C.; Park, Kyu Horesearcher, 9th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, ICACT 2007, pp.273 - 276, 2007-02-12

Hashing it out in public: Common failure modes of DHT-based anonymity schemes

Tran, A; Hopper, N; Kim, Yongdaeresearcher, Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES), 2009 , ACM, 2009-11-09

Hazardous gas detection for FTIR-based hyperspectral imaging system using DNN and CNN

Kim, Yong Chan; Yu, Hyeong-Geun; Lee, Jae-Hoon; Park, Dong-Joresearcher; Nam, Hyun-Woo, Electro-Optical and Infrared Systems: Technology and Applications XIV 2017, SPIE, 2017-09-14

Haze Removal on Superpixel Domain

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Noh, Sang-Woo; Ahn, Byungtae, The 10th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI), pp.597 - 598, Korea Robotics Society, 2013-11-01

Haze Removal using Visible and Infrared Image Fusion

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Ahn, Byungtae; Bae, Tae-Wuk, The 8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI 2011), KROS, 2011-11

HBT 및 IC 설계 및 제작기술

양경훈researcher, 무선통신용MMIC및 Module Workshop, pp.167 - 201, 1999



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