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View-invariant Planar Object Detection for VisTRo

Kweon, In-Soresearcher; Jung, Jiyoung; Jeong, Yekeun; Lee, Joon-Young; Joo, Hanbyul, The 7th International Conference on Ubiquitou s Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI 2010), KROS, 2010-11

Vinyl-type polynorbornene with 9,9 -(1,1 -biphenyl)-4,4 -diylbis-9H-carbazole side groups as a host material for highly efficient green phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes

Park, Jun-Ha; Yun, Chang-Hun; Koh, Tae-Wook; Do, Young-Kyuresearcher; Yoo, Seung-Hyupresearcher; Lee, Min-Hyung, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.21, no.14, pp.5422 - 5429, 2011

Vinyl-Type Polynorbornenes with Pendant PCBM: A Novel Acceptor for Organic Solar Cells

Eo, Maeng-Sun; Lee, Soo-Hyun; Park, Myung-Hwan; Lee, Min-Hyung; Yoo, Seung-Hyupresearcher; Do, Young-Kyuresearcher, MACROMOLECULAR RAPID COMMUNICATIONS, v.33, no.13, pp.1119 - 1125, 2012-07

Vinyl-Type Polynorbornenes with Triarylamine Side Groups: A New Class of Soluble Hole-Transporting Materials for OLEDs

Park, Jun-Ha; Yun, Chang-Hun; Park, Myung-Hwan; Do, Young-Kyuresearcher; Yoo, Seung-Hyupresearcher; Lee, Min-Hyung, MACROMOLECULES, v.42, no.18, pp.6840 - 6843, 2009-09

Virtual assembly system for robot actor in performing art

Lee, Dongwook; Kim, Jinsul; Kim, Ilmin; Hahn, Min-Sooresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND ITS APPLICATIONS, v.8, no.6, pp.339 - 350, 2014

Virtual Beamforming and User Scheduling for Sub-Array Architecture in mmWave Networks

Kim, Eunkyung; Kwak, Jungho; Chong, Songresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.23, no.1, pp.168 - 171, 2019-01

Virtual Cell Beamforming in Cooperative Networks

Kim, Jihwan; Lee, Hyang-Won; Chong, Songresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS, v.32, no.6, pp.1126 - 1138, 2014-06

Virtual Chip : Making Funcional Models Work on Real Taget Systems

Kim, N; Choi, H; Lee, S; Lee, S.W.; Park, In-Cheolresearcher; Kyung, Chong-Minresearcher, Proceedings of the 1998 35th Design Automation Conference, pp.170 - 173, 1998-06-15

Virtual CPU and memory management methods for data access performance of virtual machines on a single NUMA system = 비균등 메모리 접근 구조에서의 가상머신 메모리 데이터 접근 성능 보장을 위한 가상 CPU 및 메모리 관리 기법에 관한 연구link

Kim, Chul-Min; 김철민; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014

Virtual decomposition based control for generalized high dimensional robotic systems with complicated structure

Zhu, WH; Xi, YG; Zhang, ZJ; Bien, Zeung namresearcher; DeSchutter, J, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION, v.13, no.3, pp.411 - 436, 1997-06

Virtual door algorithm for coverage path planning of mobile robot

Myung, Hyunresearcher; Jeon, H.-M.; Jeong, W.-Y., IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, IEEE ISIE 2009, pp.658 - 663, IEEE, 2009-07-05

Virtual door-based coverage path planning for mobile robot

Myung, Hyunresearcher; Jeon, H.-M.; Jeong, W.-Y.; Bang, S.-W., FIRA RoboWorld Congress 2009, pp.197 - 207, Springer Verlag, 2009-08-16

Virtual Environment based Graphical User Interface for Authoring and Visualization System

Lee, Dong-Wook; Hahn, Min-Sooresearcher; Park, Sang-Jun; Lee, Seung-Hyung, International Conference on IT Convergence and Security, IEEE, 2014-10-28

Virtual face sculpting

Bazin, J.-C.; Chung, S.; Ribera, R.B.; Pham, Q.; Kweon, In-Soresearcher, ACM SIGGRAPH 2010 Posters, SIGGRAPH '10, ACM, 2010-07-26

Virtual interval caching scheme for interactive multimedia streaming workload

Cho, K; Ryu, Y; Won, Youjipresearcher; Koh, K, COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCES - ISCIS 2003, v.2869, pp.276 - 283, 2003

Virtual Machine Packing Approach for Workflow Processing in Cloud

Kang, Dong Ki; Kim, Seong Hwan; Youn, Chan-Hyunresearcher, The International Conference on Future Web, Korea Information Processing Society, 2014-11-07

Virtual Mobile Zone Architecture for Mobility Support in Wireless ATM Network

Lee, Sung-Won; Cho, Dong-Horesearcher, IEEE GLOBECOM, pp.1279 - 1283, IEEE, 1997-11

Virtual network embedding in wireless multihop networks

Yun, Donggyu; Yi Yungresearcher, 6th International Conference on Future Internet Technologies, CFI'11, pp.30 - 33, ACM, 2012-06-14

Virtual network embedding in wireless networks = 무선 네트워크에서의 가상 네트워크 임베딩 방법link

Yun, Dong-Gyu; 윤동규; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2011

Virtual network embedding in wireless networks = 무선 네트워크에서의 가상 네트워크 임베딩 방법link

Yun, Dong-Gyu; 윤동규; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2011



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