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Parallelepiped-indoor navigation for mobile robots using monocular vision-based positioning = 단안 비젼 기반의 위치 결정을 이용한 이동 로봇의 직육면 실내 주행link

Jeon, Seung-Hun; 전승훈; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2001

Parallelized Inverse Dynamics Algorithm for Dynamic Control of a Robot Manipulator

Kim, S.D.; Roh, C.L.; Chung, Myung Jinresearcher, Proceedings of the IFAC Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Real-time Control, pp.49 - 53, 1992-08

Parallelized List Sphere Decoder Architecture with Modified Precomputation

Park, Sin Chongresearcher, ICWMMN 2006

Parallelized VLSI Architecture for List Sphere Decoder

Park, Sin Chongresearcher, ICACT2007

Parallelized VLSI architecture of single stack based list sphere decoder

Kim H.-S.; Seo S.-H.; Park, Sin Chongresearcher, 8th International Conference on Signal Processing, ICSP 2006, v.1, 2006-11-16

Parallelizing SHA-1

Lee, Hu-ung; Lee, Seongjing; Kim, Jae-woon; Won, Youjipresearcher, IEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS, v.12, no.12, 2015-06

Parallelizing simulated annealing algorithms based on high-performance computer

Chen, Ding-Jun; Lee, Chung-Yeol; Park, Cheol Hoonresearcher; Mendes, Pedro, JOURNAL OF GLOBAL OPTIMIZATION, v.39, no.2, pp.261 - 289, 2007-01

Paramagnetic structural defects and conductivity in hydrogenated nanocrystalline carbon-doped silicon films

Shevaleevskii, OI; Tsvetkov, AA; Larina, LL; Myong, SY; Lim, Koeng Suresearcher, SEMICONDUCTORS, v.38, no.5, pp.528 - 530, 2004

Parameter estimation and control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive using model reference adaptive technique

Kim, Kyeong-Hwa; Chung, Se-Kyo; Moon, GunWooresearcher; Baik, In-Cheol; Youn, Myung Joongresearcher, Industrial Electronics, Control, and Instrumentation, 1995., Proceedings of the 1995 IEEE IECON 21st International Conference on, v.1, pp.387 - 392, IEEE, 1995-11-06

Parameter estimation for chaotic system with initial random noises by particle swarm optimization

Gao, Fei; Lee, Ju-Jangresearcher; Li, Zhuoqiu; Tong, Hengqing; Lue, Xiaohong, CHAOS SOLITONS FRACTALS, v.42, no.2, pp.1286 - 1291, 2009-10

Parameter identification and estimation of phase currents from a DC-link current sensor for AC motor drive systems = 교류전동기 구동에서 직류링크 전류로부터 상전류 추정과 상수동정link

Joo, Hyeong-Gil; 주형길; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2000

Parameter identification for chaotic system with random noise by differential evolution algorithm

Cao, Fei; Lee, Ju-Jangresearcher, 2009 World Summit on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, World Summit on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation, 2009-08

Parameter identification for the cascaded fiber optic lattice structure using the Schur algorithm

Bae, J.; Kim, K.; Chun, Joohwanresearcher, Optical Devices for Fiber Communication II, v.4216, pp.95 - 102, 2000-11-06

Parameter optimization for kernel-based pattern classification and agglomerative clustering = 커널 기반의 패턴 분류와 응집 클러스터링을 위한 매개변수 최적화에 관한 연구link

Lee, Sang-Wan; 이상완; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Parameter optimization of a voltage reference circuit using EP

Nam Dongkyung; Seo Yun Deuk; Park Lae-Jeong; Park, Cheol Hoonresearcher; Kim Bumsupresearcher, Proceedings of the 1998 IEEE International Conference on Evolutionary Computation, ICEC'98, pp.301 - 305, 1998-05-04

Parameter optimization of an on-chip voltage reference circuit using evolutionary programming

Nam, D; Seo, YD; Park, LJ; Park, Cheol Hoonresearcher; Kim, B, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EVOLUTIONARY COMPUTATION, v.5, no.4, pp.414 - 421, 2001-08

Parameter optimization of code acquisition detector for wireless communication multi-standard = 무선통신 다중표준용 부호획득기를 위한 변수 최적화link

Eo, Ik-Soo; 어익수; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Parameter optimization using evolutionary programming in voltage reference circuit design

박철훈researcher; 김범섭researcher, 전자공학회논문지, v.34, no.8, pp.603 - 609, 1997-08

Parameter Optimization using Evolutionary Programming in Voltage Regulator Design

박철훈researcher, JCEANF'96, v.5, pp.405 - 408, 1996

Parameter-optimized extended MMSE-DFE based detection for V-BLAST

Pham, V.-S.; Le, M.-T.; Mai, L.; Yoon G.researcher, 2008 10th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, v.3, pp.1790 - 1793, 2008-02-17



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