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Automatic human face location in a complex background using motion and color information

Lee, CH; Kim, JS; Park, Kyu Horesearcher, PATTERN RECOGNITION, v.29, no.11, pp.1877 - 1889, 1996-11

Collaborative Face Recognition for Improved Face Annotation in Personal Photo Collections Shared on Online Social Networks

Choi, Jae-Young; De Neve, Wesley; Plataniotis, Konstantinos N.; Ro, Yong-Manresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, v.13, no.1, pp.14 - 28, 2011-02

Combination of warping robust elastic graph matching and kernel-based projection discriminant analysis for face recognition

Shin, HC; Park, JH; Kim, Seong-Daeresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MULTIMEDIA, v.9, pp.1125 - 1136, 2007-10

Directionally classified eigenblocks for localized feature analysis in face recognition

Shin, HC; Choi, HC; Kim, Seong-Daeresearcher, OPTICAL ENGINEERING, v.45, pp.43 - 49, 2006-07

Facial feature extraction based on private energy map in DCT domain

Kim, KH; Chung, YS; Ybo, JH; Ro, YongManresearcher, ETRI JOURNAL, v.29, pp.243 - 245, 2007-04

Generalized elastic graph matching for face recognition

Shin, H; Kim, Seong-Daeresearcher; Choi, HC, PATTERN RECOGNITION LETTERS, v.28, pp.1077 - 1082, 2007-07



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