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A 3-D planar microlens for an effective monolithic optical interconnection system

Chang, SI; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.18, no.5-8, pp.814 - 816, 2006-03


A Color Display System Based on Thermochromic Conjugated Polydiacetylene Supramolecules

Yarimaga, Oktay; Im, Maesoon; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; Kim, Tae Won; Jung, Yun Kyung; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Lee, Sumi; et al, MACROMOLECULAR RESEARCH, v.18, no.4, pp.404 - 407, 2010-04


A concave-patterned TiN/PECVD-Si3N4/TiN diaphragm MEMS acoustic sensor based on a polyimide sacrificial layer

Lee, Jaewoo; Jeon, J. H.; Je, C. H.; Kim, Y-G; Lee, S. Q.; Yang, W. S.; Lee, J. S.; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.25, no.12, 2015-12


A novel structure of silicon field emission cathode with sputtered TiW for gate electrode and TEOS oxide for gate dielectric

Kang, SW; Cho, KI; Lee, JJ; Lee, Kwyroresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.46, no.11, pp.2253 - 2255, 1999-11


A robust superhydrophobic and superoleophobic surface with inverse-trapezoidal microstructures on a large transparent flexible substrate

Im, Mae-Soon; Im, Hown; Lee, Joo-Hyung; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, SOFT MATTER, v.6, no.7, pp.1401 - 1404, 2010-04


A study of the memory effects of metallic core-metal oxide shell nanocrystals by a micelle dipping technique

Kim, Chung-Jin; Choi, Sung-Jin; Ryu, Seong-Wan; Kim, Sung-Ho; Chang, Jae-Joon; Bae, Su-Hak; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok; et al, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.21, no.12, 2010-03


A Superamphiphobic Sponge with Mechanical Durability and a Self-Cleaning Effect

Kim, Daewon; Im, Hwon; Kwak, Moo Jin; Byun, Eunkyoung; Im, Sung Gapresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-07


A top-crossover-to-bottom addressed segmented annular array using piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers

Jung, Joontaek; Lee, Wonjun; Kang, Woojin; Hong, Hyeryung; Song, Hi Yuen; Oh, Inn-Yeal; Park, Chul Soonresearcher; et al, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.25, no.11, 2015-11


Aligned Circular-Type Nanowire Transistors Grown on Multilayer Graphene Film

Kim, Hwansoo; Choi, Hongkyw; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Ju, Sanghyun, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.115, no.45, pp.22163 - 22167, 2011-11


Analytical Modeling and Thermodynamic Analysis of Robust Superhydrophobic Surfaces with Inverse-Trapezoidal Microstructures

Im, Mae-Soon; Im, Hwon; Lee, Joo-Hyung; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, LANGMUIR, v.26, no.22, pp.17389 - 17397, 2010-11


Bioinspired Synthesis and Characterization of Gadolinium-Labeled Magnetite Nanoparticles for Dual Contrast T-1- and T-2-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Bae, Ki-Hyun; Kim, Young-Beom; Lee, Yu-Han; Hwang, Jin-Young; Park, Hyun-Wookresearcher; Park, Tae-Gwanresearcher, BIOCONJUGATE CHEMISTRY, v.21, pp.505 - 512, 2010-03


Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) as a chemical sensor for DMMP detection

Park, Kwan Kyu; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher; Kupnik, Mario; Oralkan, Oemer; Ramseyer, Jean-Pierre; Lang, Hans Peter; Hegner, Martin; et al, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.160, no.1, pp.1120 - 1127, 2011-12


Compliment Graphene Oxide Coating on Silk Fiber Surface via Electrostatic Force for Capacitive Humidity Sensor Applications

Han, Kook In; Kim, Seungdu; Lee, In Gyu; Kim, Jong Pil; Kim, Jung-Ha; Hong, Suck Won; Cho, Byung Jinresearcher; et al, SENSORS, v.17, no.2, 2017-02


Controlled anisotropic wetting of scalloped silicon nanogroove

Kim, Gun-Hee; Lee, Byung-Hyun; Im, Hwon; Jeon, Seung-Bae; Kim, Daewon; Seol, Myeong-Lok; Hwang, Hyundoo; et al, RSC ADVANCES, v.6, no.48, pp.41914 - 41918, 2016


Controlled molecularly mediated assembly of gold nanooctahedra for a glucose biosensor

Huang, Xing-Jiu; Li, Cun-Cheng; Gu, Bonsang; Kim, Ju-hyun; Cho, Sung-Oh; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C, v.112, no.10, pp.3605 - 3611, 2008-03


Direct writing of a 1-to-4 optical splitter and packaging technology using a femtosecond laser

Sohn, I.-B.; Lee, Man Seopresearcher; Park, H.-J.; Lee, H.-J., JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.52, no.4, pp.1120 - 1122, 2008


Double component long period waveguide grating filter in sol-gel material

Moujoud, Abderrafia; Kim, Hyun Jae; Kang, Sung Ho; Oh, Gyong-Jin; Kim, Woo-Soo; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher; Shin, Sang Yungresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.15, no.23, pp.15147 - 15153, 2007-11


Effects of atomistic defects on coherent electron transmission in Si nanowires: Full band calculations

Ko, YJ; Shin, Mincheolresearcher; Lee, S; Park, KW, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.89, no.1, pp.374 - 379, 2001-01


Effects of thermal annealing Of W/SiO2 multilayer Bragg reflectors on resonance characteristics of film bulk acoustic resonator devices with cobalt electrodes

Yim, Mun-Hyuk; Kim, Dong-Hyun; Chai, Dong-Kyu; Yoon, Gi-Wanresearcher, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A, v.22, no.3, pp.465 - 471, 2004-05


Femtosecond Laser Application to PLC Optical Devices and Packaging

Sohn, Ik-Bu; Lee, Man-Seopresearcher; Lee, Sang-Man, ETRI JOURNAL, v.27, no.4, pp.446 - 448, 2005-08


Flash-Induced Self-Limited Plasmonic Welding of Silver Nanowire Network for Transparent Flexible Energy Harvester

Park, Jung Hwan; Hwang, Geon-Tae; Kim, Shin-Ho; Seo, Jeongmin; Park, Hong-Jin; Yu, Kyoungsikresearcher; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.29, no.5, 2017-02


Formation mechanism of nanostructures in soda-lime glass using femtosecond laser

Ahsan, Md Shamim; Kim, Yeong-Gyu; Lee, Man-Seopresearcher, JOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS, v.357, no.3, pp.851 - 857, 2011-02


Gated three-terminal device architecture to eliminate persistent photoconductivity in oxide semiconductor photosensor arrays

Jeon, Sanghunresearcher; Ahn, Seung-Eon; Song, Ihun; Kim, Chang Jung; Chung, U-In; Lee, Eunha; Yoo, Inkyung; et al, NATURE MATERIALS, v.11, no.4, pp.301 - 305, 2012-04


Green-function calculations of coherent electron transport in a gated Si nanowire

Ko, YJ; Shin, Mincheolresearcher; Ha, JS; Park, KW, ETRI JOURNAL, v.22, no.3, pp.19 - 26, 2000-09


Heterojunction bipolar phototransistor with monolithic integrated microlens

Cho, Seok-Jin; Kim, Jaeho; Kim, Hoon; Yang, Hwa-Yong; Kwon, Young Seresearcher, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS & REVIEW PAPERS, v.45, no.8A, pp.6285 - 6287, 2006-08


High performance organic-inorganic hybrid barrier coating for encapsulation of OLEDs

Jung, Kyung-Ho; Bae, Jun-Young; Park, Soo-Jin; Yoo, Seung-Hyupresearcher; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.21, no.6, pp.1977 - 1983, 2011


High-Performance Copper Oxide Visible-Light Photodetector via Grain-Structure Model

Song, Hyeon-Joo; Seo, Min-Ho; Choi, Kwang-Wook; Jo, Minseung; Yoo, Jae-Young; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-05


High-Performance, Solution-Processed, Embedded Multiscale Metallic Transparent Conductors

Oh, Yong Suk; Lee, Hyunwoo; Choi, Dong Yun; Lee, Sung-Uk; Kim, Hojin; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; Park, Inkyuresearcher; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.8, no.17, pp.10937 - 10945, 2016-05


Highly conductive and flexible color filter electrode using multilayer film structure

Han, Jun Hee; Kim, Dong-Young; Kim, Do-Hong; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-07


Highly Conductive Transparent and Flexible Electrodes Including Double-Stacked Thin Metal Films for Transparent Flexible Electronics

Han, Jun Hee; Kim, Do-Hong; Jeong, Eun Gyo; Lee, TaeWoo; Lee, Myung Keun; Park, Jeong Woo; Lee, Hoseung; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS INTERFACES, v.9, no.19, pp.16343 - 16350, 2017-05


Highly Conductive, Bendable, Embedded Ag Nanoparticle Wire Arrays Via Convective Self-Assembly: Hybridization into Ag Nanowire Transparent Conductors

Choi, Dong Yun; Oh, Yong Suk; Han, Donggeon; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher; Kim, Sang Sooresearcher, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.25, no.25, pp.3888 - 3898, 2015-07


Improvement in Outcoupling Efficiency and Image Blur of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes by Using Imprinted Microlens Arrays

Kim, Jin Yeong; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, JOURNAL OF DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY, v.7, no.7, pp.377 - 381, 2011-07


Improvements of resonance characteristics due to thermal annealing of Bragg reflectors in ZnO-based FBAR devices

Kim, DH; Yim, M; Chai, D; Yoon, Giwanresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.39, pp.962 - 964, 2003-06


Ink-jet printed semiconducting carbon nanotube ambipolar transistors and inverters with chemical doping technique using polyethyleneimine

Lee, Juhee; Yoon, Jinsu; Choi, Bongsik; Lee, Dongil; Kim, Dong Myong; Kim, Dae Hwan; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; et al, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.109, no.26, 2016-12


Investigation of Silicon Nanowire Gate-All-Around Junctionless Transistors Built on a Bulk Substrate

Moon, Dong-Il; Choi, Sung-Jin; Duarte, Juan Pablo; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.60, no.4, pp.1355 - 1360, 2013-04


Large and pristine films of reduced graphene oxide

Ahn, Sung Il; Kim, Kukjoo; Jung, Jura; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.5, 2015-12


Material-Independent Nanotransfer onto a Flexible Substrate Using Mechanical-Interlocking Structure

Seo, Min-Ho; Choi, Seon-Jin; Park, Sang Hyun; Yoo, Jae-Young; Lim, Sung Kyu; Lee, Jae Shin; Choi, Kwang-Wook; et al, ACS NANO, v.12, no.5, pp.4387 - 4397, 2018-05


Metal nanocrystals synthesized with a micellar template based on a diblock copolymer for three-dimensional nonvolatile memory

Kim, Chung-Jin; Ryu, Seong-Wan; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; Chang, Jae-Joon; Bae, Su-Hak; Sohn, Byeong-Hyeok, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.93, no.5, 2008-08


Method to reduce the aberration of a polygonal aperture focus-tunable lens array for high fill factor

Kim, Junoh; Lee, Joo Ho; Won, Yong Hyubresearcher, OPTICS LETTERS, v.44, no.10, pp.2554 - 2557, 2019-05


Microlens array diffuser for a light-emitting diode backlight system

Chang, Sung-Il; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Kim, Hongki; Kim, Jin-Jong; Lee, Baik-Kyu; Shin, Dong Ho, OPTICS LETTERS, v.31, no.20, pp.3016 - 3018, 2006-10


Miniaturized and high-performance RF packages with ultra-thin glass substrates

Kim, Min Suk; Pulugurtha, Markondeya Raj; Kim, Youngwoo; Park, Gap Yeol; Cho, Kyungjun; Smet, Vanessa; Sundaram, Venky; et al, MICROELECTRONICS JOURNAL, v.77, pp.66 - 72, 2018-07


Miniaturized, Battery-Free Optofluidic Systems with Potential for Wireless Pharmacology and Optogenetics

Noh, Kyung Nim; Park, Sung Il; Qazi, Raza; Zou, Zhanan; Mickle, Aaron D.; Grajales-Reyes, Jose G.; Jang, Kyung-In; et al, SMALL, v.14, no.4, 2018-01


MSM Photodetector on a Polysilicon Membrane for a Silicon-Based Wafer-Level Packaged LED

Kim, Jin Kwan; Lee, Hee Chulresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.25, no.24, pp.2462 - 2465, 2013-12


Multilevel conductance switching for a monolayer of redox-active metal complexes through various metallic contacts

Seo, Sohyeon; Lee, Junghyun; Choi, Sung-Yoolresearcher; Lee, Hyoyoung, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY, v.22, no.5, pp.1868 - 1875, 2012


Nanogap Field-Effect Transistor Biosensors for Electrical Detection of Avian Influenza

Gu, Bon-Sang; Park, Tae-Jung; Ahn, Jae-Hyuk; Huang, Xing-Jiu; Lee, Sang-Yupresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, SMALL, v.5, no.21, pp.2407 - 2412, 2009-11


Nanometer-scale lithography on H-passivated Si(100) by atomic force microscope in air

Lee, Hai Tai; Oh, Jae Seuk; Park, Seong-Ju; Park, Kang-Ho; Ha, Jeong Sook; Yoo, Hyung Jounresearcher; Koo, Ja-Yong, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY A-VACUUM SURFACES AND FILMS, v.15, no.3, pp.1451 - 1454, 1997-05


Nanoporous Pirani sensor based on anodic aluminum oxide

Jeon, Gwang-Jae; Kim, Woo-Young; Shim, Hyun Bin; Lee, Hee Chulresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.109, no.12, 2016-09


Nonvolatile memory characteristics of NMOSFET with Ag nanocrystals synthesized via a thermal decomposition process for uniform device distribution

Ryu, Seong-Wan; Bin Mo, Chan; Hong, Soon Hyungresearcher; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.7, no.2, pp.145 - 150, 2008-03


Novel Concept Electrowetting Microlens Array Based on Passive Matrix

Lee, Jin Su; Kim, Yoo Kwang; Won, Yong Hyubresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.28, no.2, pp.167 - 170, 2016-01


Novel structure of a silicon field emission cathode with a sputtered TiW gate electrode

Kang, SW; Lee, JH; Yu, BG; Cho, KI; Yoo, Hyung Jounresearcher, JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY B, v.16, no.1, pp.242 - 246, 1998


Optically Selective Microlens Photomasks Using Self-Assembled Smectic Liquid Crystal Defect Arrays

Kim, Yun-Ho; Lee, Jeong-Oen; Jeong, Hyeon-Su; Kim, Jung-Hyun; Yoon, Eun-Kyung; Yoon, Dong-Kiresearcher; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.22, no.22, pp.2416 - 2416, 2010-06


Optimization of a Liquid Lenticular System for 2D and 3D Conversion

Kim, Junoh; Lee, Junsik; Kim, Cheoljoong; Shin, Dooseub; Koo, Gyo Hyun; Won, Yong Hyubresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.29, no.18, pp.1540 - 1543, 2017-09


Organic vapor-jet-based route for solvent-free additive formation of oxide semiconductors

Choi, Jung-Min; Kim, Sungyeon; Kwon, Hyukyun; Kim, Min-Cheol; Moon, Hanulresearcher; Park, Jonghyuk; Yoo, Seunghyupresearcher, ORGANIC ELECTRONICS, v.43, pp.235 - 239, 2017-04


Patterning sub-30-nm MOSFET gate with i-line lithography

Asano, K; Choi, Yang-Kyuresearcher; King, TJ; Hu, CM, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES, v.48, no.5, pp.1004 - 1006, 2001-05


Performance analysis of CO2 laser polished angled ribbon fiber

Sohn, Ik-Bu; Choi, Hun-Kook; Noh, Young-Chul; Lee, Man-Seopresearcher; Oh, Jin-Kyoung; Kim, Seong-min; Ahsan, Md. Shamim, OPTICAL FIBER TECHNOLOGY, v.33, pp.77 - 82, 2017-01


Performance-enhanced triboelectric nanogenerator enabled by wafer-scale nanogrates of multistep pattern downscaling

Wang, Hee Seung; Jeong, Chang Kyu; Seo, Min-Ho; Joe, Daniel Juhyungresearcher; Han, Jae Hyun; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; Lee, Keon Jaeresearcher, NANO ENERGY, v.35, pp.415 - 423, 2017-05


Photo-Insensitive Amorphous Oxide Thin-Film Transistor Integrated with a Plasmonic Filter for Transparent Electronics

Chang, Seongpil; Do, Yun Seon; Kim, Jong-Woo; Hwang, Bo Yeon; Choi, Jinnil; Choi, Byung-Hyun; Lee, Yun-Hi; et al, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.24, no.23, pp.3482 - 3487, 2014-06


Photosensitivity of InZnO thin-film transistors using a solution process

Choi, Jongwon; Park, Junghak; Lim, Keon-Hee; Cho, Nam-kwang; Lee, Jinwon; Jeon, Sanghunresearcher; Kim, Youn Sang, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.109, no.13, 2016-09


Plasmonic Chromatic Electrode with Low Resistivity

Moon, Young Gyu; Do, Yun Seon; Lee, Min Ho; Hwang, Bo Yeon; Jeong, Dong Jun; Ju, Byeong-Kwon; Choi, Kyung Cheolresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, 2017-11


Post ionized defect engineering of the screen-printed Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 thick film for high performance flexible thermoelectric generator

Kim, Sun Jin; Choi, Hyeongdo; Kim, Yongjun; We, Ju Hyung; Shin, Ji Seon; Lee, Haneol; Oh, Min-Wook; et al, NANO ENERGY, v.31, pp.258 - 263, 2017-01



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