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Characterizatoin of nano-grained ZnO piezoelectric thin films deposited under various sputtering conditions

Zhang, Ruirui; 이은주; 윤기완researcher, 한국해양정보통신학회 추계종합학술대회, pp.428 - 430, 한국해양정보통신학회, 2009-05

Development of FBAR devices based on nitrogen-incorporated zno films = 질소를 함유한 산화아연(ZnO) 박막에 기반한 FBAR 소자 개발link

Zhang, Ruirui; Zhang, R.; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2010

Development of FBAR Devices Based on Thermal Annealing Treatments of Nitrogen [N]-Incorporated ZnO Films

Lee, Eunju; Zhang, Ruirui; Yoon, Giwanresearcher, IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Workshop Series on Intelligent Radio for Future Personal Terminals , pp.1 - 2, IEEE MTT-S, 2011-08-24

Nitrogen [N]-incorporated ZnO piezoelectric thin films and their application for ultra-small film bulk acoustic wave resonator device fabrication

Lee, Eunju; Zhang, Ruirui; Yoon, Giwanresearcher, JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, v.110, no.7, 2011-10

질소 주입된 산화 아연 박막을 사용한 박막 음향 공진 소자 연구

이은주; Zhang, Ruirui; 윤기완researcher, 춘계종합학술대회, v.15, no.1, pp.696 - 698, 한국해양정보통신학회, 2011-05-27



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