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REMiner-II: A tool for rapid identification and configuration of repetitive element arrays from large mammalian chromosomes as a single query

Kim, Woo-Chan; Lee, Kang-Hoon; Shin, Kyung-Seop; You, Ri-Na; Lee, Young-Kwan; Cho, Ki-Ho; Cho, Dong-Horesearcher, GENOMICS, v.100, no.3, pp.131 - 140, 2012-09


REMiner: A tool for unbiased mining and analysis of repetitive elements and their arrangement structures of large chromosomes

Chung, Byung-Ik; Lee, Kang-Hoon; Shin, Kyung-Seop; Kim, Woo-Chan; Kwon, Deug-Nam; You, Ri-Na; Lee, Young-Kwan; et al, GENOMICS, v.98, no.5, pp.381 - 389, 2011-11


REViewer: A tool for linear visualization of repetitive elements within a sequence query

You, Ri-Na; Kim, Woo-Chan; Lee, Kang-Hoon; Lee, Young-Kwan; Shin, Kyung-Seop; Cho, Kiho; Cho, Dong-Horesearcher, GENOMICS, v.102, no.4, pp.209 - 214, 2013-10



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