Design of flight safety display and decision rule for launch op-eration considering time derivative of instantaneous impact point and real time impact point dispersion = 순간 낙하점 변화율 및 실시간 낙하 분산 영역을 고려한 발사체의 비행안전 의사결정 법칙과 디스플레이 설계

This study proposes a new flight termination decision rule and a flight safety display related with range safety. The proposed rule and display uses information on both of the time derivatives of instantaneous impact point (IIP) of a launch vehicle and dispersion of the impact point calculated in real time. The time de-rivative of the IIP is defined as the impact point’s movement on the Earth’s surface, and the method makes it possible to know the IIP derivative and the IIP considering time delay of the operation of a fight terminate system can be found at the same time. Furthermore, this paper proposes the impact point dispersion that is calculated in real-time by dividing impacted velocity caused by fragments of a launch vehicle into three or-thogonal directions and defining a sensitive function on each direction. If the proposed analytic method of the time derivative of IIP and the real time impact point dispersion are to be applied in a flight safety infor-mation system (FSIS), a flight safety officer (FSO) would be able to make more accurate and reasonable deci-sions making.
Ahn, Jae-Myungresearcher안재명
Issue Date
569149/325007  / 020123217

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 우주탐사공학학제전공, 2014.2, [ 63 p. ]


Instantaneous Impact Point (IIP); 실시간 낙하 분산 영역; 새로운 의사결정법칙; 순간 낙하점 변화율; 비행종단시스템; 비행안전 정보시스템; Range Safety; Flight Safety Information System (FSIS); Flight Termination System (FTS); IIP Rate; New Decision Rule; Real Time Impact Point Dispersion; 순간 낙하점; 비행 안전

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