A study on air-to-air weapon aiming algorithm for head up display = HUD 전시 정보를 위한 공대공 무장 조준 알고리듬 연구

In air combat, a pilot has to make a decision appropriately to attack a target. Therefore, the pilot needs to be provided with the target’s information for the successful air combat. In this paper, the information exhib-ited on Head-Up Display (HUD) for targeting the bandit in the air-to-air combat is studied. HUD is a trans-parent display in front of the pilot that presents parameters related to mission. This research especially focuses on the logics such as the maximum and minimum range for targeting, Allowable Steering Error (ASE) Circle and Steering Dot (SD). The simulation is composed by pseudo 6-DOF model which can describes movement of flight more simply than 6-DOF model and express the attitude of flight using acceleration commands. Maximum range can be derived by Vegas algorithm. Minimum range can also be calculated by Vegas algorithm and bi-section method. Allowable Steering Error (ASE) Circle is on middle of the HUD and the radius size of it is changed depending on the state of target. When the size of steering circle is large then the flight launches missiles, the probability to hit the opponent is higher. Iterating bi-section method is suggested for ASE Circle. Steering Dot (SD) is the intercept point which moves depending on the target’s maneuver. Through some assumptions, Newton-Raphson method and equation of sphere, Steering Dot can be expresses on the HUD. The logics the paper proposed will be useful for pilot during the air-to-air combat. Further, it can be useful reference for developing next generation domestic fighter.
Tahk, Min-Jearesearcher탁민제
Issue Date
566490/325007  / 020113688

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 우주탐사공학학제전공, 2013.8, [ vii, 64 p. ]


HUD; 무장 전투; 사정 거리; 무장 조준; 공대공; Steering Dot; Air-to-Air; Aiming; missile; Allowable Steering Error

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