Contingency factors framework for an e-government governance approach = 전자정부 거버넌스 형태 변화에 따르는 상황요인 프레임워크에 관한 연구

Governments around the world face important challenges by trying to define what could be the most efficient governance design to conduct their e-government development. To effectively implement e-government, a country requires a comprehensive governance design that needs to be dynamic and based on the contextual characteristics, so as a result, issues such as authority and accountability can be assigned properly. The goal of this research was to use structural contingency theory to elaborate an e-government governance framework that may orientate decision makers to design governance in a way that is dynamic and coherent to their contexts. Three main processes were conducted. Process one identified what may be the e-government governance contingency factors, required to describe context; process two applied a Delphi method to a Korean expert panel to study the fluctuations of the factors and their importance according to each e-government maturity stage, describing context, which by contingency theory allowed the generation of governance contingency propositions that were used to construct the research’s framework; process three conducted a case study in a top performing country, Singapore, to validate the framework’s recommendations. Overall results showed that contingency factors had a stable growth tendency according to the e-government maturity, which based on the contingency propositions is equivalent to an e-government governance design that goes from a level of centralization to a level of decentralization, running in parallel with a country´s e-government maturity. The implications may be valuable for the governance design of countries implementing e-government located at the different stages of maturity, may contribute to the e-government governance study with the proposed framework, and could be added to the governance evolution discussion by arguing that highest performance is associated with a specific e-government governance evolution pattern.
Rho, Jae-Jeungresearcher노재정
Issue Date
568768/325007  / 020124336

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 글로벌IT기술대학원프로그램, 2014.2, [ ix, 90 p. ]


Governance; Contingency Factors; 전자정부; 거버넌스; Electronic Government; 상황 요인

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