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Ordinal pairwise partitioning approach to multiclass support vector machines training in bond ratings

Han, Ingooresearcher; Ahn, Hyunchul; Kim , Kyoung-jae, International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Security, pp.83 - 87, 2005

Prediction of the Price for Stock Index Futures using Integrated Artificial Intelligence Techniques with Categorical Preprocessing

Han, Ingooresearcher; Kim, Kyoung-jae, 한국경영과학회 1997년도 추계학술대회, pp.105 - 108, 한국경영과학회, 1997-11

Quantitative Causal Ordering Maps

Han, Ingooresearcher; Kim, Myoung-jong, Pacific Asia Conference on Expert Systems, 1999

Recommendation of EDI controls using case-based reasoning and relational database

Han, Ingooresearcher; Lee, Sangjae, '98 International Conference on Electronic commerce, 1998

Selection of Appropriate Tasks for Expert System Development in Auditing

Han, Ingooresearcher; Choi, Jong-Uk, 93 Korea/Japan Joint conference on Expert System, 1993

Simultaneous optimization of feature weighting and instance selection in case-based reasoning systems using genetic algorithms

Han, Ingooresearcher; Ahn, Hyunchul; Kim, Kyoung-jae, 9th Asia-Pacific DSI Conference, 2004

Stock index pattern recognition: a combined approach using case based reasoning and dynamic time warping technique

Kwon, Young-Sam; Han, Ingooresearcher; Kim, Steven H., 한국전문가시스템학회 '98 추계학술대회, pp.394 - 401, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 1998

The Assessment of Credit Risk using the Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach

Han, Ingooresearcher; Park, Cheol-Soo, INFORMS International Conference, 2000

The causal relationships among EDI controls: a structural equation model

Lee, Sangjae; Han, Ingooresearcher, 32th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences(HICSS), pp.1 - 15, IEEE, 1999

The Churn Management for Telecom Market Using the Knowledge Discovery in Database

Han, Ingooresearcher; Roh, Tae Hyup; Jang, Won Ho, INFORMS International Conference, pp.633 - 640, 2000

The churn management for telecom market using the knowledge discovery in database

Roh, Tae Hyup; Han, Ingooresearcher; Jang, Won Ho, INFORMS & KORMS 2000, pp.1 - 8, The Korean Operations Research and Management Science Society, 2000-06

The Design of EDI Controls using Neural Network

Han, Ingooresearcher; Lee, Sangjae, Proceedings of the Korea Inteligent Information System Society Conference, no.1, pp.59 - 61, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 1998

The Effect of Site Trust on Trust in the Sources of Online Consumer Review and Trust in the Sources of Consumer Endorsement in Advertisement

Lee, Jumin; Park, Do-Hyung; Han, Ingooresearcher, Pacific Asia Conference in Information Systems, 2006

The Effects of Consumer Knowledge on Message Processing of Electronic Word of Mouth via Online Consumer Reviews

Han, Ingooresearcher; Park, Do-Hyung; Kim, Sara, European Conference on Information Systems, 2007

The Hybrid Knowledge Integration Using the Fuzzy Genetic Algorithm

Kim, Myoung-Jong; Han, Ingooresearcher; Lee, Kun Chang, 한국지능정보시스템학회/한국데이타베이스학회 '99 춘계공동학술대회, no.1, pp.145 - 154, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 1999

The Prediction of Industry Stock Index using Artificial Neural Networks : Case of Construction and Banking Industry

Han, Ingooresearcher; Kwon, Youngsam, PACES/SPICIS '97, 1997

The Prediction of Interest Rate using Artificial Neural Network Models

Han, Ingooresearcher; Hong, Taeho, First Asia-Pacific DSI Conference, 1996

Unpacking the Relationship between Environmental and Financial Performance: Value-Added Corporate Environmental Practice in the US Chemical Industry

Yoo, Soyoung; Eom, Jiyong; Han, Ingooresearcher, 2016 Academy of Management Anual Meeting, Academy of Management, 2016-08-08

Using Genetic Algorithm to Support Case-Based Reasoning:Application to Corporate Bond Rating

Han, Ingooresearcher; Shin, Kyung-shik, 98 Asia Pacific Decision Sciences Intitute, 1998

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