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Crystallization behaviour of co-sputtered Cu2ZnSnS4 precursor prepared by sequential sulfurization processes

Han, Junhee; Shin, Seung Wook; Gang, Myeong Gil; Kim, Jin Hyeok; Lee, Jeong Yongresearcher, NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.24, no.9, pp.095706, 2013-03

Extremely Small Pyrrhotite Fe7S8 Nanocrystals with Simultaneous Carbon-Encapsulation for High-Performance Na-Ion Batteries

Choi, Min-Jae; Kim, Jongsoon; Yoo, Jung-Keun; Yim, Soonmin; Jeon, Jaebeom; Jung, Yeon Sikresearcher, SMALL, v.14, no.2, 2018-01

Growth of a void-free Cu2SnS3 thin film using a Cu/SnS2 precursor through an intermediate-temperature pre-annealing and sulfurization process

Ko, Young Min; Chalapathy, R. B. V.; Larina, Liudmila; Ahn, Byung Taeresearcher, CRYSTENGCOMM, v.19, no.38, pp.5764 - 5773, 2017-10



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