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Joint decisions on product line selection, purchasing, and pricing

Moon, Ilkyeong; Park, Kun Sooresearcher; Hao, Jing; Kim, DongwookELSEVIER SCIENCE BVEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH, v.262, no.1, pp.207 - 216, 2017-10


Decoupling of Institutional Decoupling: Differential Utilization of Voluntary Environmental Policy

Cha, Hyeonjin; Park, Sangchanresearcherthe Academy of Managementthe Academy of Management Annual Meeting, 2017-08-07


Macroeconomic Conditions and Credit Default Swap Spread Changes

Kim, Tong-Sukresearcher; Park, Jae Won; Park, Yuen JungWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF FUTURES MARKETS, v.37, no.8, pp.766 - 802, 2017-08


Momentum in International Commodity Futures Markets

Kang, Jangkooresearcher; Kwon, Kyung YoonWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF FUTURES MARKETS, v.37, no.8, pp.803 - 835, 2017-08


신제도주의 조직이론의 과제와 전망: 제도적 디커플링(Institutional Decoupling) 연구를 중심으로

김동수; 차현진; 박상찬researcher한국인사조직학회인사조직연구, v.25, no.3, pp.121 - 150, 2017-08


Behavior-Based Pricing in Vertically Differentiated Industries

Rhee, Ki-Eunresearcher; Thomadsen, RaphaelINFORMSMANAGEMENT SCIENCE, v.63, no.8, pp.2729 - 2740, 2017-08


A Quasi-experimental Approach to the Multinationality-performance Relationship: An Application to Learning-by-exporting

Chang, Sea-Jinresearcher; Chung, JaihoWILEYGLOBAL STRATEGY JOURNAL, v.7, no.3, pp.257 - 285, 2017-08


Conflict technology in cooperation: The group size paradox revisited

Hwang, Sung-HaresearcherWILEYJOURNAL OF PUBLIC ECONOMIC THEORY, v.19, no.4, pp.875 - 898, 2017-08


Do analysts who understand accounting conservatism exhibit better forecasting performance?

Jung, Jay Heon; Lim, Sonya S.; Pae, Jinhan; Yoo, Choong-YuelresearcherWILEYJOURNAL OF BUSINESS FINANCE & ACCOUNTING, v.44, no.7-8, pp.953 - 985, 2017-07


Analysts' Dynamic Decisions: Timeliness versus Accuracy

Jordan, Steven J.; Kwak, Byungjinresearcher; Lee, ChangheeWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF FORECASTING, v.36, no.4, pp.368 - 381, 2017-07


Intrusion of software robots into journalism: The public's and journalists' perceptions of news written by algorithms and human journalists

Jung, Jaeminresearcher; Song, Haeyeop; Kim, Youngju; Im, Hyunsuk; Oh, SewookPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDCOMPUTERS IN HUMAN BEHAVIOR, v.71, pp.291 - 298, 2017-06


Are large business groups conducive to industry innovation? The moderating role of technological appropriability

Lee, Chang-Yangresearcher; Lee, Ji-Hwan; Gaur, Ajai S.SPRINGERASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, v.34, no.2, pp.313 - 337, 2017-06


Timescale betas and the cross section of equity returns: Framework, application, and implications for interpreting the Fama-French factors

Kang, Byoung Uk; In, Francis; Kim, Tong-SukresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE, v.42, pp.15 - 39, 2017-06


Systemic risk and cross-sectional hedge fund returns

Hwang, Inchang; Xu, Simon; In, Francis; Kim, Tong-SukresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL FINANCE, v.42, pp.109 - 130, 2017-06


Treatment Preferences for Routine Lymphadenectomy Versus No Lymphadenectomy in Early-Stage Endometrial Cancer

Lee, Jung-Yun; Kim, Kyunghoon; Lee, Yun Shinresearcher; Kim, Hyo Young; Nam, Eun Ji; Kim, Sunghoon; Kim, Sang Wun; Kim, Jae Weon; Kim, Young TaeSPRINGERANNALS OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY, v.24, no.5, pp.1336 - 1342, 2017-05


Capital structure and corporate reaction to negative stock return shocks

Seo, Sung Won; Chung, Hae JinresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVINTERNATIONAL REVIEW OF ECONOMICS & FINANCE, v.49, pp.292 - 312, 2017-05


Effects of source influence and peer referrals on information diffusion in Twitter

Kwon, Joseph; Han, Ingooresearcher; Kim, ByoungsooEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTDINDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT DATA SYSTEMS, v.117, no.5, pp.896 - 909, 2017-05


The Evolution of Egalitarian Sociolinguistic Conventions

Naidu, Suresh; Hwang, Sung-Haresearcher; Bowles, SamuelAMER ECONOMIC ASSOCAMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, v.107, no.5, pp.572 - 577, 2017-05


National economic disparity and cross-border acquisition resolution

Lim, Mi-Hee; Lee, Ji-HwanresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REVIEW, v.26, no.2, pp.354 - 364, 2017-04


Setting a knowledge boundary across teams: knowledge protection regulation for inter-team coordination and team performance

Lee, Junyeong; Min, Jinyoung; Lee, HeeseokresearcherEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LIMITEDJOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT, v.21, no.2, pp.254 - 274, 2017-04

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