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MetaFluxNet: A program package for metabolic pathway construction and analysis

Lee, SangYupresearcher, Fourteenth International Conference on Genome Informatics (GIW2003), 2003-12


MetaFluxNet: Platform for in silico metabolic flux analysis

Woo, H.M.; Lee, D.Y.; Choi, H.S.; Kim, T.Y.; Yoon, H.S.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, International Symposium and annual meeting of KSBB, 2005-10


MetaFluxNetTM: a program for metabolic flux anaysis (MFA)

Yoon, H.S; Lee, D.Y; Lee, SangYupresearcher; Park, S.W, International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems, 2002


Metal alloy size effect: enhanced CH4 production in photocatalysis by low-coordinated sites and strong interaction with TiO2

Lee, Sooho; Lee, Doh Changresearcher, Nano Korea 2018, Ministry of Science and ICT, 2018-07-12


Metal catalysts supported on SBA-15 for the catalytic oxidation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Son Ki Ihmresearcher, 한국공업화학회 2007 춘계학술대회, 2007-05-11


Metal catalysts supported on titanium oxide for catalytic wet air oxidation of phenol

Ihm, Son Kiresearcher, PACIFICHEM 2005, 2005-12-18


Metal Distribution Effect of Ni/Y-Zeolite Catalyst on CO hydrogenation

Ihm, Son Kiresearcher, PACHEC '88, 1988


Metal ion triggers for reversible switching of DNA polymerase

Park, Ki Soo; Lee, Chang Yeol; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, 17th European Congress on Biotechnology, European Federation of Biotechnology, 2016-07-03


Metal ions-induced unnatural polymerase activity and its use for the design of molecular logic gates

Park, Ki Soo; Jung, Cheul Hee; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, The 23rd International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, 2010-12-04


Metal Ions-Triggered Polymerase Activity and Its Use for the Development of Molecular Logic Gates

Park, Ki Soo; Jung, Cheul Hee; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, v.37, pp.1066 - 1069, European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering, 2011-09-14


Metal nanograil arrays with tunable multiple dipolar plasmon modes in integrated optofluidic devices for ultrasensitive sensing of biomolecules

Heo, C.-J.; Kim, S.-H.; Jang, S.G.; Lee, SangYupresearcher; Kim, S.K.; Yang, S.-M., Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, and Devices V, 2008-08-13


Metal oxide assisted cyclization of unsaturated fatty acids based on waste vegetable oil

Park, Kyun Joo; Seok, Seunghwan; Kim, Minyoung; Kim, DoHyunresearcher, 한국화학공학회 봄 총회 및 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2014-04-25


Metal tips on pyramid-shaped PbSe/CdSe/CdS heterostructure photocatalysts : Study of ripening

Lee, Sooho,; Kim, Whidong; Lee, DohChangresearcher, The 26th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering (ISChE 2013), pp.27 - 27, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2013-12-07


Metal-Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) of Lanthanide Complex for Discrimination of Glutathione in Solution

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Pei, Li, 2018 KSSB Spring Meeting and International Symposium, The Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2018-04-19


Metal-enhanced fluorescence for rapid and simple tetracycline detection in tap water based on europium-doped AgNP@SiO2 core-shell nanoparticles

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Pei, Li; Sathish, Kumar; Park, Ki Soo, Nano Korea 2018, Korea Nano Technology Research Society, 2018-07-11


Metal/Semiconductor Nanostructure with Enhanced Plasmonic Photocatalytic Activity under Visible Light: Engineering of Plasmonic Near-Field Enhancement

Sunil, Jeong; Lee, Doh Chang, 2016년도 가을 총회 및 학술대회, pp.73 - 73, 한국화학공학회, 2016-10-20


Metastability Observation in Gas Hydrate Formation

Ro, Hyeyoon; Shin, Woongchul; Park, Seongmin; Koh, Dong-Yeun; Seol, Jiwoong; Lee, Huenresearcher, WCCE9 & APCChE 2013, KIChE & WCEC, 2013-08-23


Metastability Phenomena of Ethane Hydrate Induced by Cobal Complex and Base

WC Shin; JW Seol; DY Koh; JH Lee; Lee, Huenresearcher, 7th International Conference on Gas Hydrates, International Conference on Gas Hydrates, 2011-06-17


Methane Enclathration with New Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Aromatic Compounds

Cha, MJ; Baik, SY; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, the AIChE National meeting, AIChE, 2014-11-18


Methane Hydrate Formation Accelerated with Various Promoters in an Unstirred Reactor

Baek, Seungjun; Ahn, Yun-Ho; Zhang, Junshe; Min, Juwon; Lee, Huenresearcher; Lee, Jae Wooresearcher, 2017 AICHE Annual Meeting, AICHE, 2017-10-31


Methane production from clay by using swapping method

박주운; 차민준; 윤여범; 이흔researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2012-04-26


Methane Production from Lipid Extracted Algae, Nannochloropsis salina: Process and Microbial Community Analysis

김성환; 김동현; 류병곤; 김웅; 양지원, (재)차세대바이오매스연구단 워크숍, Advanced Biomass research Center, 2015-01-22


Methane Replacement in Natural Gas Hydrates Sediments with CO2 and a CO2/N2 Gas Mixture

Park, Seongmin; Koh, Dong-Yeun; Kang, Hyery; Lee, Jaehyoung; Kim, Se-Joon; Lee, Huenresearcher, AGU, AGU, 2012-12-03


Methanogenic Population Dynamics of Continuous Anaerobic Digestion Process with Regard to Different Loading Rates of Swine Wastewater

Kim, Woong; Ryu, Byoung Gon; Kim, Jungmin; Hwang, ,SH; 박민성; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, 2013 KSBB Spring Meeting and International Symposium, 한국생물공학회, 2013-04-11


Methanol Carbonylation Reaction Catalyzed over Polymer-Bound RhCl(CO)(PPh3)2

Ro, KS; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 1987-04


Methanol Synthesis by CO Hydrogenation over Pd/HZSM-5 Catalysts

Ihm, Son Kiresearcher, TOCAT2, pp.367 - 367, 1994


Methanol tolerant mesoporous platinum-carbon nanocomposite cathode for direct methanol fuel cells

최원춘; 전민구; 전희중; 우성일researcher, 한국전기화학회 2004년도 수소연료전지공동심포지움, pp.0 - 0, 한국전기화학회, 2004-06-18


Method for Cell immobilization by Gold Binding Polypeptide(GBP) Displayed on the E.coli Cell Surface

Kang, Y.J.; Ku, S.J.; Park, J.P.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, International Symposium and annual meeting of KSBB, 2005-10


Method for detecting target RNA utilizing the nicking/extension chain reaction system-based isothermal nucleic acid amplification (NESBA)

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Ju, Yong, AFOBMCIS 2018, AFOB, 2018-08-18


Methyl Acrylate Polymerization with New Zirconium(IV) complex/MAO system

우성일researcher; 조현용; 홍대식; Cui, L; Tarte, L; 공영대, KIChE Spring Symp., 한국화학공학회, 2006-04-20


MEUF를 이용한 Cr(VI)과 Nitrate의 동시 제거에 관한 연구

양지원researcher; 백기태, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국화학공학회, 2002-10-01


MEUF를 이용한 크롬(VI)과 ferriccyanide의 동시제거에 관한 연구

양지원researcher; 김보경; 백기태, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국화학공학회, 2002-10-01


MFAML 2.0: The Metabolic Flux Analysis Markup Language level 2

Yun, H.S.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, 2007-04-27


MFAML: A standard Data Structure for Representing and Exchanging Metaboic Flux Models

Yun, H.S; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual Meeting & International Symposium of the Korea Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology (KMB), 2006-05


MgCl2 수용액에서 메탄과 이산화탄소의 상평형

강성필; 서유택; 전문균; 이흔researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국화학공학회, 1998-04-01


Mg이 첨가된 구형 형상의 Zn2SiO4:Mn 형광체

노현숙; 강윤찬; 박승빈researcher; 박희동, 화학공학의 이론과 응용 8[2], pp.5250 -, 2002


Micellar aggregates and properties of dodecyl ethoxylate with polydisperse EO chain length

Kim, Jong-Dukresearcher, 14th SIS, pp.0 - 0, SIS, 2002-08-01


Micellar solubilization을 이용한 MTBE로 오염된 지하수의 정화

백기태; 조현정; 양지원researcher, 한국지하수토양환경학회 2001년 추계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국지하수토양환경학회, 2001-09-01


Micellar-enhanced ultrafiltration for simultaneous removal of ferricyanide and nitrate

Baek, K.; Lee, HH; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, Confrence on desalination and the environment, pp.157 - 166, 2003


Micelle Formation and Sol-gel Transition Behavior of Hyperbranched Amphiphilic Block Copolymers

김성철researcher, 한국고분자학회 춘계 학술발표회, 2007


Micellization and gelation of aqueous solution of biodegradable star-shaped PLGA-PEG block copolymer

김성철researcher, 한국고분자학회 춘계학술발표회, 2002


Micellization and Sol-Gel Transition Behavior of Comb-like Amphiphilic Block Copolymers

김성철researcher, 한국고분자학회 추계 학술발표회, 2007


Micellization and Sol-gel Transition of Multi-arm Star-shaped Block Copolymer

Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, The 19th Daejeon-Chungnam/Kyushu Symposium, 2006


Micellization and Sol-gel Transition of Multi-arm Star-shaped Block Copolymers

Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, IUPAC International Symposium on Advanced Polymers for Emerging Technologies, 2006


Micellization and Sol-gel Transition of Multi-arm Star-shaped Block Copolymers

Kim, Sung Chulresearcher, Korea-Japan Young Scientist Symposium, 2006


Micro-dialysis of protein from urea-rich sample in microfluidic device

허윤석; 양광석; 이은주; 전영시; 홍연기; 홍원희researcher, 2006 춘계 한국화학공학회, 한국화학공학회, 2006-04-01


Micro-Patterned Conducting Arrays Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Multilayers

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, KSIEC fall meeting, KSIEC, 2003


Micro-Patterned Conductiong Arrays Based on Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Multilayer

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, The 2nd KAIST International Symposium on Frontier Issues in NBI Technologies, pp.0 - 0, KAIST, 2003-10-01


Micro-patterned Sulfur electrode for High-sulfur-loaded Lithium Sulfur batteries

Kwack, Hobeom; Lee, Jinhong; Jo, wonhee; Noh, Hyungjun; Kim, Yun-Jung; Chu, Hyunwon; Ye, Fangmin; et al, The 19th International Meeting on Lithium Batteries, IMLB LLC, The Electrochemical Society of Japan(ECSJ), 2018-06-21


Micro-patterned sulfur electrode for high-sulfur-loaded lithium sulfur batteries

곽호범; 이진홍; 조원희; 노형준; 김윤정; 추현원; 팽민 예; et al, 2018 한국전기화학회 춘계총회 및 학술대회, 한국전기화학회, 2018-04-06


Micro-Structure and Morphology of Polymer-graft-SWNTs

Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, KAIST-TIT Joint Symposium for Young Scientist, pp.0 - 0, KAIST-TIT, 2002-12-01


Micro/nanolithography by Normal Directional Photofluidization of Azobenzene-Containing Soft Materials

Choi, Jaeho; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Kang, Hong-Suk; Cho, Wonhee, The 14th International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo, NANO KOREA 2016, 2016-07-14


Microalgae as a for Sustainable Development

Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, KMB's 40th Anniversary 2013 International Symposium & Annual Meeting, 미생물공학회, 2013-07-04


Microalgae cultivation in open raceway pond using waste cooling water as extra heat source

이주영; 이재형researcher, AOAIS 2016, AOAIS, 2016-09


Microalgae cultivation in open raceway pond: Model development and dynamic optimization

유경환; 허성민; 이재형researcher, KIChE, 한국화학공학회, 2016-10


Microalgae cultivation mixing secreted materials of bacteria

전승집; 강남규; 이봉수; 양지원, 2014한국생물공학회, 한국생물공학회, 2014-10-06


Microalgae Signal transduction under Various Stimuli for lipid Accumulation

양아름; 강남규; 고현기; 정병률; 이봉수; 양지원, 2014한국생물공학회, 한국생물공학회, 2014-10-07


Microalgae-Based Biofuels and Bioproducts Research and Development

Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, 2013 KSBB Spring Meeting and International Symposium, 한국생물공학회, 2013-04-11


Microalgae-based Biorefinery

Chang, Yong Keunresearcher, 2016 International Symposium & Annual Meeting, The Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology, 2016-06-23


Microalgae-based Fuels and Coproducts

장용근researcher, 2017년도 한국에너지학회 추계학술발표회, 한국에너지학회, 2017-09-07



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