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Epoxide-functionalization of polyethyleneimine for synthesis of stable carbon dioxide adsorbent in temperature swing adsorption

Choi, Woosung; Min, Kyungmin; Kim, Chaehoon; Ko, Young Soo; Jeon, JaeWan; Seo, Hwimin; Park, Yong-Ki; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.7, 2016-08

Epoxide-Modified Polyethyleneimine for Designing Highly Regenerable Carbon Dioxide Adsorbent via Temperature Swing Adsorption

Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, The 30th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, KIChE, 2017-12-02

Epoxide-modified polyethyleneimine for synthesis of extra-stable CO2 adsorbent in temperature swing process

Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, 11th International Conference on Separation Science and Technology, KIChE, 2017-11-10

Macroporous Silica with Thick Framework for Steam-Stable and High-Performance Poly(ethyleneimine)/Silica CO2 Adsorbent

Min, Kyungmin; Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, CHEMSUSCHEM, v.10, no.11, pp.2518 - 2526, 2017-06

Oxidation-stable amine-containing adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture

Min, Kyungmin; Choi, Woosung; Kim, Chaehoon; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.9, 2018-02

Rational Design of the Polymeric Amines in Solid Adsorbents for Postcombustion Carbon Dioxide Capture

Min, Kyungmin; Choi, Woosung; Kim, Chaehoon; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.28, pp.23825 - 23833, 2018-07

Significant Roles of Carbon Pore and Surface Structure in AuPd/C Catalyst for Achieving High Chemoselectivity in Direct Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis

Yook, Sunwoo; Kwon, Han Chang; Kim, Young-Gu; Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, v.5, no.1, pp.1208 - 1216, 2017-01

SO2-Resistant Amine-Containing CO2 Adsorbent with a Surface Protection Layer

Kim, Chaehoon; Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkeeresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.11, no.18, pp.16586 - 16593, 2019-05



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