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Bio-inspired Hierarchical Nanowebs for Green Catalysis

Lee, Kyoung G.; Lee, Subeom; Chang, Sung-Jin; Choi, Bong Gill; Seo, Jeongeun; Sangalang, Arvin; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher; et al, SMALL, v.11, no.34, pp.4292 - 4297, 2015-09

Enzymatic formation of carbohydrate rings catalyzed by single-walled carbon nanotubes

Hyun, Moon Seop; Park, Jong Pil; Seo, Dongkyun; Chang, Sung-Jin; Lee, Seok Jae; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Kwak, Kyungwon; et al, BIOPROCESS AND BIOSYSTEMS ENGINEERING, v.39, no.5, pp.725 - 733, 2016-05

High performance of a solid-state flexible asymmetric supercapacitor based on graphene films

Choi, Bong-Gill; Chang, Sung-Jin; Kang, Hyun-Wook; Park, Chan-Pil; Kim, Hae-Jin; Hong, Won-Hiresearcher; Lee, Sang-Gap; et al, NANOSCALE, v.4, no.16, pp.4983 - 4988, 2012

In-vitro cytotoxicity assessment of carbon-nanodot-conjugated Fe-aminoclay (CD-FeAC) and its bio-imaging applications

Kang, Kyoung Suk; Lee, Hyun Uk; Il Kim, Moon; Park, So Young; Chang, Sung-Jin; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Huh, Yun Suk; et al, JOURNAL OF NANOBIOTECHNOLOGY, v.13, 2015-11

Scalable Nanopillar Arrays with Layer-by-Layer Patterned Overt and Covert Images

Lee, Kyoung G.; Choi, Bong Gill; Kim, Byeong Il; Shyu, Terry; OH, Myung Seok; Im, SungGapresearcher; Chang, Sung-Jin; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.26, no.35, pp.6119 - 6119, 2014-09



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