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A comparison of biomechanical stability and pullout strength of two C1-C2 fixation constructs

Savage, Jason W.; Limthongkul, Worawat; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Zhang, Li-Qun; Karaikovic, Eldin E., SPINE JOURNAL, v.11, no.7, pp.654 - 658, 2011-07

A knee-specific finite element analysis of the human anterior cruciate ligament impingement against the femoral intercondylar notch

Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Ahn, Chulhyun; Fung, David T.; Ren, Yupeng; Zhang, Li-Qun, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.43, no.10, pp.2039 - 2042, 2010-07

A Pivoting Elliptical Training System for Improving Pivoting Neuromuscular Control and Rehabilitating Musculoskeletal Injuries

Ren, Yupeng; Lee, Song Joo; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Zhang, Li-Qun, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, v.21, no.5, pp.860 - 868, 2013-09

A portable telerehabilitation system for remote evaluations of impaired elbows in neurological disorders

Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Peng, Qiyu; Zhang, Li-Qun, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, v.16, no.3, pp.245 - 254, 2008-06

Biomechanical analysis of bursal-sided partial thickness rotator cuff tears

Yang, Scott; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Flores, Steven; Levin, Steven D.; Makhsous, Mohsen; Lin, Fang; Koh, Jason; et al, JOURNAL OF SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY, v.18, no.3, pp.379 - 385, 2009-05

Changes of Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Stiffness Matrix Post Stroke

Zhang, Li-Qun; Son, Jongsang; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Kang, Sang Hoon; Lee, Yunju; Ren, Yupeng, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, v.25, no.7, pp.844 - 851, 2017-07

Developing a Multi-Joint Upper Limb Exoskeleton Robot for Diagnosis, Therapy, and Outcome Evaluation in Neurorehabilitation

Ren, Yupeng; Kang, Sang Hoon; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Wu, Yi-Ning; Zhang, Li-Qun, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL SYSTEMS AND REHABILITATION ENGINEERING, v.21, no.3, pp.490 - 499, 2013-05

Gender differences in passive knee biomechanical properties in tibial rotation

Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Wilson, Nicole A.; Zhang, Li-Qun, JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH, v.26, no.7, pp.937 - 944, 2008-07

Load sharing properties of cervical pedicle screw-rod constructs versus lateral mass screw-rod constructs

Dunlap, Bradley J.; Karaikovic, Eldin E.; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Sokolowski, Mark J.; Zhang, Li-Qun, EUROPEAN SPINE JOURNAL, v.19, no.5, pp.803 - 808, 2010-05

Position as Well as Velocity Dependence of Spasticity-Four-Dimensional Characterizations of Catch Angle

Wu, Yi-Ning; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Chen, Jia-Jin; Ren, Yupeng; Roth, Elliot J.; Zhang, Li-Qun, FRONTIERS IN NEUROLOGY, v.9, 2018-10

Quantitative evaluations of ankle spasticity and stiffness in neurological disorders using manual spasticity evaluator

Peng, Qiyu; Park, Hyung-Soonresearcher; Shah, Parag; Wilson, Nicole; Ren, Yupeng; Wu, Yi-Ning; Liu, Jie; et al, JOURNAL OF REHABILITATION RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, v.48, no.4, pp.473 - 481, 2011



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