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Investigation of a bridge foundation site in karst terrane via seismic crosshole tomography

Cho, Gye-Chunresearcher; Hiltunen, Dennis R; Dunn, Patrick W, GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING FOR TRANSPORTATION PROJECTS, v.0, no.0, pp.1858 - 1865, 2004-07

Investigation of a cationic surfactant adsorption on pyrite surface at different pH values

Mannan, M. B.; 이우진researcher, KSEE 2010 Spring Conference, 2010-05

Investigation of Applicability of Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System to Inclined Stay Cable Under Wind Load

Jung, Hyung-Joresearcher; Park, Jeongsu; Kim, In-Ho, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS, v.48, no.11, pp.3478 - 3481, 2012-11

Investigation of applicability of electromagnetic energy harvesting system to inclined stay cable under wind load

Jung, Hyung-Joresearcher; Park, J; Kim, IH, The International Magnetics Conference (Intermag 2012), 2012-05

Investigation of Behavior of End-Plate Connection through Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

최창근, Proceedings of Fall Convention, Architectural Institute of Korea, 1993

Investigation of Bursting Forces in Post Tensioned Anchorage Zone

Kwak, Hyo-Gyoungresearcher; Kim, JoungRae; Shim, Minsuk, The 2017 World Congress on Advances in Structural Engineering and Mechanics (ASEM17), Techno-press, 2017-08-29

Investigation of Flow Induced Vibrations of Three Circular Cylinders

최창근, Proceedings of Fall Conference of Korea Society of Civil Engineers, 1991

Investigation of fouling and cleaning behavior in a pilot-scale forward osmosis process

Jang, Duk Soo; Kang, Seoktaeresearcher, IDW 2018 (International Desalination Workshop), Singapore Membrane Society,국토교통부 KORAE연구단, 한국담수화플랜트협회,한국담수연구회,환경공학회담수전문가그룹,글로벌담수화연구센터, 2018-07-12

Investigation of high-strength and electromagnetic wave shielding properties of a mortar incorporating carbon nanotube (CNT)

Nam, I.W; Kim, H.K; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher, IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM IV), IV European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM IV), 2010-05-16

Investigation of Low-Level Groundborne Vibration Induced Settlement

Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; Lee, J. S, Assian Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, pp.559 - 570, 1997

Investigation of Low-Level Vibrations and Their Induced Settlement in Urban Environment

Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; Drabkin, S, 12Th Korean International Scientists and Engineering Conference, pp.971 - 975, 1993

Investigation of microbial adaptation to salinity variation for treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate by membrane bioreactor

Jang, Duksoo; Moon, Chungman; Ahn, Kyuhong; Shin, Hang-Sikresearcher; Hwang, Yuhoon, DESALINATION AND WATER TREATMENT, v.56, no.8, pp.2066 - 2072, 2015-11

Investigation of Monotonic and Cyclic Behavior of Tripod Suction Bucket Foundations for Offshore Wind Towers Using Centrifuge Modeling

Kim, Dong-Joon; Choo, Yun Wook; Kim, Jae-Hyun; Kim, Surin; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher, JOURNAL OF GEOTECHNICAL AND GEOENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING, v.140, no.5, 2014-05

Investigation of neutron activation on shielding concretes using prompt gamma activation analysis

Jang, J. G.; Park, S. J.; Sun, G. M.; Kim, J. Y.; Moon, M. K.; Lee, Haeng-Kiresearcher, HANARO SYMPOSIUM, HANARO SYMPOSIUM, 2013-05-03

Investigation of patient concentration phenomenon in emergency departments considering transportation costs

Kim,Minjae; Cho, Jungwoo; Yoon, Yoonjinresearcher, International Federation of Operational Research Societies(IFORS 2017), International Federation of Operational Research Societies, 2017-07-21

Investigation of reaction mechanism and stability of nanoscale zero-valent iron in bromate reduction = Bromate 환원공정에서 영가철의 안정성과 반응기작에 관한 연구link

Damira, Abudanash; Han, Jong In; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

Investigation of rocking mechanism for embedded shallow foundation via centrifuge test = 원심모형실험을 이용한 근입된 얕은 기초의 회전거동 메커니즘 평가link

Ko, Kil-Wan; Kim, Dong-Soo; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

Investigation of rocking mechanism of shallow foundation via centrifuge tests

Ko, Kil-Wan; Ha, Jeong-Gon; Park, Heon Joon; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher, 5th Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Conference, ASCE, 2018-06-10

Investigation of seismic performances of unconnected pile foundations using dynamic centrifuge tests

Ha, Jeong-Gon; Ko, Kil Wan; Jo, Seong-Bae; Park, Heon-Joon; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher, BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, v.17, no.5, pp.2433 - 2458, 2019-05

Investigation of spudcan-soil interaction in a sloped seabed using centrifuge model tests

Kim, J-H; Jeong, Y-H; Park, H-J; Kim, Dong-Sooresearcher; Kim, S-J; Lee, S. W.; Chung, M.; et al, GEOTECHNIQUE LETTERS, v.8, no.3, pp.208 - 213, 2018-09


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