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College of Natural Science(자연과학대학)


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The College of Natural Sciences consists of 5 departments: Physics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics (Division of Mathematics and Division of Applied Mathematics), and Chemistry. It strives to nurture qualified scientists and engineers with a profound theoretical knowledge and practical application abilities so that they may later take on key roles in society. Each department is in charge of not only the education of each subject but also the education of elementary science subjects for all undergraduate students. Furthermore, it maintains a wide and systematic relationship with each department, maintaining a close, cooperative system. The College of Natural Sciences has received domestic and international recognition for its achievement of active research projects for contributing to a research-oriented graduate/undergraduate education and to new technology industrial development.

Sub-communities within this community
Dept. of Chemistry(화학과)
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences(수리과학과)
Dept. of Physics(물리학과)
Graduate School of Nanoscience and Technology(나노과학기술대학원)
Recent Submissions

(Oral) Fabrication and characterization of GaN-based hexagonal annular structures for multi-color and broadband visible light source


(Oral) White light emitting oelisk-shaped GaN/InGaN nanostructures and their ultrafast radiative recombination


(Oral) Internal quantum efficiency and recombination processes of efficiency droop in GaN-based light-emitting diode with different dislocation density


(Oral) Quantitative analysis of carrier escape and recombination efficiencies in GaN-based light-emitting diodes under openand short-circuit conditions


(Oral) Broad spectrum and photonic diode behavior in tapered GaN/InGaN core-shell nanorod

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