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경로 모니터링 응용을 위한 부하 제거 기법의 설계

김현규; 강우람; 김명호researcher한국정보과학회한국정보과학회 2009 한국컴퓨터종합학술대회 , pp.219 - 224, 2009-06


Interval Clustering for Efficient Event Filtering over Continuous Data Streams

Kim, HG; Kang, Woo Lam; Kim, Myoung HoresearcherKIISE Database Society of KoreaThe 1st International Conference on Emerging Databases (EDB 2009), 2009-08


중첩 윈도우를 지닌 데이터 스트림을 효율적으로 처리하기 위한 조인 알고리즘

김현규; 강우람; 김명호researcher한국정보과학회한국정보과학회 2008 가을 학술발표, 2008-10


Integration of Avian Influenza Virus Information Sources for Korea e-Science

Kang, Woo Lam; Choi, Dong Hoon; Suh, Young Kyun; Lee, Yoon Joonresearcher4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science (eScience 2008)4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science (eScience 2008), pp.372 - 373, 2008-12


연속 데이터 스트림에서 효율적인 이벤트 필터링 기법

김현규; 강우람; 김명호researcher한국정보과학회한국정보과학회 2008 종합학술대회 논문집, pp.1 - 6, 2008-06


복합 로우키를 사용하는 NoSQL 래퍼의 질의 편의성을 향상시키는 방법

박혜린; 김준수; 김명호researcherKorea Society of IT Services2013년 한국IT서비스학회 추계학술대회, pp.437 - 440, 2013-11-06


Data Modeling and Query Processing of LBSNs for Supporting Group-based Check-in

김준수; 오형래; 김명호researcherThe Korean Institute of Information Scientists and EngineersKorea Computer Congress 2014 (KCC 2014), pp.249 - 25`, 2014-06-27


Efficient Computation of Skyline Query with Keyword-based User Preference

Haam, Deokmin; Kim, Myoung HoresearcherThe Korea Contents AssociationInt’l Conf. on Convergence Content, pp.495 - 496, 2014-06-27


A Hybrid Index Structure for Image-Keyword Joint Query Processing

김명호researcher; Kim, TE; Hwang, IHThe Korean Institute of Information Scientists and EngineersKorea Computer Congress 2014 (KCC 2014), pp.282 - 284, 2014-06-27


Brain Ventricular Morphology Analysis Using a Set of Ventricular-Specific Feature Descriptors

Kim, J; Ryoo, H; Maria del C. Valdés Hernández; Natalie A. Royle; Park, JinahresearcherThe SHACRA team at Inria, SiMMS group at Imperial College, and IHU StrasbourgInternational Symposium on Biomedical Simulation (ISBMS) 2014, 2014-10-17


Microbank: architecting through-silicon interposer-based main memory systems

Son, Young Hoon; O. Seongil; Yang, Hyung Gyun; Jung, Dae Jin; Ahn, Jung Ho; Kim, John Dongjunresearcher; Kim, Jang Woo; Lee, Jae WooACM and IEEE Computer ScoeityACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference(SC), 2014-11


Robot-based augmentative and alternative communication for nonverbal children with communication disorders

Jeon, Kyung Hea; Yeon, Seok Jeong; Kim, Young Tae; Song, Seok Woo; Kim, John DongjunresearcherACM SIGCHI AND SIGMOBILEInternational Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing(UbiComp), 2014-09


Extending Bufferless On-Chip Networks to High-Throughput Workloads

Kim, Han Joon; Kim, Changhyun; Kim, Mi Ri; Won, Kang Hee; Kim, John DongjunresearcherIEEE(Computer Society)International Symposium on Networks-on-Chip (NOCS 2014), 2014-09


Security vulnerability in Processor-Interconnect Router Design

wonjun, song; Kim, John Dongjunresearcher; Lee, Jae; Dennis AbtsACM Special Interest Group on Security, Audit and Control (SIGSAC)Conference on Computer and Communications Security(CCS), 2014-11


A SPH-based dissolution behavior model for real-time fluid-solid interaction

Kim, Seokyeol; Park, Jin-AhresearcherACM SIGGRAPHSIGGRAPH Asia 2014, 2014-12-04


다중시점기반 강인한 얼굴인식기법

한병옥; 홍성은; 양현승대한전자공학회대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회, 2015-06


Location-based Web Service QoS Prediction via Preference Propagation for Improving Cold Start Problem

Lee, Kwangkyu; Park, Jinhee; Baik, Jong-MoonresearcherIEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Services Computing (TC-SVC)22nd IEEE International Conference on Web Services (ICWS), 2015-07-01


사물인터넷 공간 간의 유사도 측정 연구

홍인택; 이영희researcher한국 멀티미디어 학회한국 멀티미디어 학회 춘계 학술대회, 2015-05-29


Jigsaw Puzzle Image Retrieval via Pairwise Compatibility Measurement

Jin, Sou-Young; Lee, Suwon; Nur Aziza Azis; Choi, Ho-JinresearcherKorean Institute of Information Scientists and EngineersThe International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp2014), pp.123 - 127, 2014-01-15


Automatic Construction of Timing Diagrams from UML/MARTE Models for Real-Time Embedded Software

Bae, Doo-Hwanresearcher; Nguyen, Minh Chau; Jee, Eun-Kyoung; Choi, JinhoACM Special Interest Group on Applied Computing (SIGAPP)29th Annual ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, pp.1140 - 1145, 2014-03

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