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A Replica Control Method for Improving Availability for Read-only Transactionst

Park, Chang Sup; Kim, Myoung Ho; Lee, Yoon JoonIEEEProceedings of the International Database Engineering and Applications Symposium, IDEAS 1997, Concordia University, Montreal, Candada, P. 104 - 112, 1997-08 View PDF (907kb)


A Per-object Based Hybrid Concurrency Control

Kwak, Tae-Yeong; Lee, Yoon Joon; Kim, Myoung HoIEEEDatabase and Expert Systems Applications, 1997. Proceedings., Eighth International Workshop on, pp.748-753, 1997-09 View PDF (822kb)


An Efficient Parallel Join Algorithm Based on Hypercube-Partitioning

Choi, Hwan Ik; Im, Byoung Mo; Kim, Myoung Ho; Lee, Yoon JoonIEEEThird Int'l Conf. on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems, Austin, Serial. 3, USA, p.50-57, 1994-09 View PDF (723kb)


An Efficient Parallel Join Algorithm Based on Hypercube-Partitioning

Choi, Hwan Ik; Im, Byoung Mo; Kim, Myoung Ho; Lee, Yoon-JoonIEEEConference on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems 1994, Serial. 3, Austin, Texas, USA, P. 50 - 57, 1994 View PDF (723kb)


A Per-object Based Hybrid Concurrency Control

Kwak, Tae-Yeong; Lee, Yoon-Joon; Lim, MyoungHoIEEE8th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications, Toulouse, France, P. 748 - 753, 1997-09 View PDF (602kb)


Task.o object modeling approach for robot workcell programming

Kim, Gyu-Tae; Cha, Sungdeok; Bae, Doo-HwanresearcherIEEEProceedings of the 1997 21st Annual International Computer Software & Applications Conference, COMPSAC'97 v. no.0730-3157 pp.109 - 114, 1997-08-13 View PDF (560kb)


An Empirical Study on Software Error Detection: Voting, Instrumentation, and Fagan Inspection

So, Sunsup; Lim, Youngseop; Cha, Sungdeok; Kwon, Yong RaeresearcherIEEEProc. 2nd Asia-Pacific Software Eng. Conf., pp.345-351, 1995-12 View PDF (608kb)


An Approach to Software Process Management Based on Formal Process Modeling and Analysis

Min, Sang-Yoon; Park, Wei-Jin; Bae, Doo HwanIEEEAsia-Pacific Software Engineering Conference, serial. 4, Hong Kong, P. 292 - 301, 1997-12 View PDF (931kb)


Affective Dialogue Communication System with Emotional Memories for Humanoid Robots

Ryoo, M.S.; Seo, Yong-ho; Jung, Hye-Won; Yang, H.S.Springer Verlag (Germany)The First International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction\\, 2005-10-24 View PDF (498kb)


Viewpoint-Invariant Face Recognition Based on View-Based Representation

Chung, Jinyun; Lee, Juho; Park, Hyun Jin; Yang, Hyun SeungSpringer Verlag (Germany)2006 International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Page 872-878, 2006 View PDF (248kb)


Tamper Resistant Software by Integrity-Based Encryption

Lee, Jaewon; Kim, Heeyoul; Yoon, HyunsooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Lecture notes in computer science, v.3320, pp.608-612, 2004 View PDF (122kb)


Automated Teleoperation of Web-based Devices Using Semantic Web Services

Ha, Young-guk; Kim, Jaehong; Jang, Minsu; Sohn, Joo-chan; Yoon, HyunsooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Lecture notes in computer science, v.3533, pp.185-188, 2005-06


An analysis of Punctuated Equilibria in Simple Genetic Algorithms

Oh, Sangyeop; Yoon, HyunsooSpringer Verlag (Germany)Lecture Notes in Computer Science, v.1363, pp.195-206, 1997-10 View PDF (361kb)


Parallel execution and noninterference conditions

Choi, Ho-JinresearcherEuropean Coordinating Committee for AI (ECCAI), pp.0 - 0, 1992-01-01


Unidirectional self-healing ATM ring for ATM subscriber access network

Kim, DaeyoungresearcherIEEE International Conference on Communication Systems, pp.0 - 0, 1996-11


SCI기반의 근거리 다중처리기를 위한 새로운 PCI-SCI브리지의 설계및 구현

정한조; 박정우; 손영철; 조정연; 맹승렬researcher한국정보과학회한국정보과학회 컴퓨터시스템연구회 추계학술대회, 1998


객체지향 데이터베이스 시스템의 클래스 복합 계층 구조에서의 권한 충돌 탐지 기법

손태종; 김원영; 황규영researcher; 조완섭한국정보과학회한국정보과학회 추계학술대회 , pp.45 - 47, 1998-10


Block-Matching Algorithm based on Dynamic Search Window Adjustment

Oh, H. S.; Park, G. H.; Lee, Heung-KyuresearcherIEEE, Int. Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Communication, pp.407 - 412, 1997


DEM Generation from KOMPSAT-1 Electro-Optical Camera Data

Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher; Kim, TJEMSEA, Int. Sym. on Remote Sensing, pp.325 - 330, 1998


Ring-Banyan Network: A Fault Tolerant Multistage Interconnection Network and Its Fault Diagnosis

Park, JH; Lee, Heung-Kyuresearcher; Cho, JHEuropean Dependable Computing Conference, pp.509 - 528, 1994

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