Recently Added Documents

1 Facile synthetic method of catalyst-loaded ZnO nanofibers compo-site sensor arrays using bio-inspired protein cages for pattern recognition of exhaled breath

Jang, Ji-Soo; Choi, Seon-Jin; Kim, Il-Dooresearcher; Kim, Sang-Joon; Cho, Hee-Jin
ELSEVIER SCIENCE SA, vol. 243, pp. 166 - 166, 2017-05


Choi, Suyoung; Masuda, Mikiya; Oum, Sang-ilresearcher
AMER MATHEMATICAL SOC, vol. 369, no. 4, pp. 2987 - 2987, 2017-04

3 Cut mask optimization for multi-patterning directed self-assembly lithography

Shim, Seongbo; Shin, Youngsooresearcher; Ponghiran, Wachirawit
IEEE, 2017-03-27

4 Timing-aware wire width optimization for SADP process

Song, Youngsoo; Shin, Youngsooresearcher
IEEE, 2017-03-27

5 Color channel-wise recurrent learning for facial expression recognition

Ro, Yong Manresearcher; Jang, Jinhyeok; Kim, Dae Hoe; Kim, Hyung-Il
IEEE, 2017-03-09

6 Coloring graphs without fan vertex-minors and graphs without cycle pivot-minors

Choi, Ilkyoo; Kwon, O-Joung; Oum, Sang-ilresearcher
ACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCE, vol. 123, pp. 126 - 147, 2017-03

7 A K-partitioning algorithm for clustering large-scale spatio-textual data

Choi, Dong-Wan; Chung, Chin-Wanresearcher
PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, vol. 64, pp. 1 - 11, 2017-03

8 Crime Scene Reconstruction: Online Gold Farming Network Analysis

Kwon, Hyukmin; Mohaisen, Aziz; Woo, Jiyoung; Kim, Yongdaeresearcher; Lee, Eunjo; Kim, Huy Kang
IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 544 - 544, 2017-03

9 Hierarchical porous microspheres of the Co3O4@graphene with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for electrochemical biosensors

Jeong, Jae-Min; Lee, Seok Jae; Lee, Kyung G; Yang, MinHo; Kim, Do Hyunresearcher; Choi, Bong Gill
Elsevier Ltd, vol. 89, pp. 612 - 619, 2017-03 View PDF (2718kb)

10 A review of vanadium electrolytes for vanadium redox flow batteries

Jung, Ho-Young; Yang, Jung Hoon; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Choi, Chanyong; Kim, Soohyun; Kim, Riyul; Choi, Yunsuk; Kim, Soowhan
PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, vol. 69, pp. 263 - 274, 2017-03

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