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Correction factor development of CHF look-up table for rectangular channel for low pressure

Song, Jung Hyun; Lee, Juhyung; Jeong, Yong HoonresearcherKorea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Nuclear Power Institute of China, Xi’an Jiaotong UniversityThe Eighth China-Korea Workshop on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (WORTH-8), 2017-10-23


Model of Transmitted Stiffness Including the Radial Artery Pressure

Min, Heewon; Kim, Myeong Jin; LI, CHENGJIE; Lee, Doo YongresearcherICCAS 20172017 17th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2017), 2017-10-20


폭발하중을 받는 철근콘크리트 보 해석에서 부착슬립 영향 연구

이민주; 곽효경researcher대한토목학회2017 대한토목학회 정기학술대회, 2017-10-20


비선형 초음파 공진 기법을 적용한 프리스트레스트 보의 콘크리트 응력 수준 평가

김규진; 곽효경researcher대한토목학회2017 대한토목학회 정기학술대회, 2017-10-19


4-QAM Gray Coding for Deep Neural Network based Decoder Training

Kim, Minhoe; Cho, Dong-HoresearcherKICSICTC 2017, 2017-10-18


GAN-D: Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Deconvolution

Lee, Hayeon; Kwak, Jin-Myung; Ban, Byunghyun; Na, Seon-Jin; Lee, Se-Ra; Lee, Heung-KyuresearcherIEEE Computer Society8th Int. Conf. on ICT Convergence, pp.132 - 137, 2017-10-18


Real-time Shadow Removal using a Volumetric Skeleton Model in a Front Projection System

Kim, Jaedong; Noh, Junyongresearcher; Seo, Hyunggoog; Cha, Seung HoonPacific Graphics 2017Pacific Graphics 2017, pp.1 - 4, 2017-10-17


Guidance Law of Tight Formation Flight regarding Collision Avoidance using Potential Field

Shin, Heemin; Kim, Hyungi; Lee, Jaehyun; Shim, David HyunchulresearcherThe Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences2017 Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Aerospace Technology, 2017-10-16


Modality-bridge transfer learning for medical image classification

Kim, Hak Gu; Choi, Yeoreum; Ro, Yong ManresearcherIEEEInternational Congress on Image and Signal Processing, BioMedical Engineering and Informatics (CISP-BMEI), 2017-10-14


Incentives, Socialization, and Civic Preferences

황성하researcher; Bowles, Samuel한국재정학회한국재정학회-추계학술대회, 2017-10-14


Robust and Reconfigurable Microfluidic Encapsulation of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals toward Photonic Applications

김윤호; 서현진; 이상석; 가재원; 김신현researcher한국고분자학회2017 한국고분자학회 추계학술대회, 2017-10-13


Dry adhesive with tunable interface for better adhesion to rough substrate by reversible photo fluidization of Azo polymer

조원희; 김희탁researcher; 최재호한국고분자학회2017 한국고분자학회 추계학술대회, 2017-10-13


Development of in vitro platform to investigate the brain wound formation attributed by BMI

Park, Eun Young; Eun Min Ko; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherBiomedical Engineering Society2017 BMES Annual Meeting, 2017-10-13


민간 무인항공기의 공역 통합을 위한 충돌회피 기법 기술동향

이재현; 황선유; 심현철researcher한국항행학회2017년 한국항행학회 종합학술대회, 2017-10-13


Flexible and Robust Superominphobic Surfaces Created by Localized Photofluidization of Azopolymer Pillars

최재호; 김희탁researcher; 김신현researcher; 조원희한국고분자학회2017 한국고분자학회 추계학술대회, 2017-10-12


Mechanical Correlations in Collective Cell Migration

Hyun Tae Jeong; Young Bin Cho; Ji Won Kim; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherBiomedical Engineering Society2017 BMES Annual Meeting, 2017-10-12


Cancer models of differen􀆟al aggressiveness

Daehyun Kim; Youngbin Cho; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherBiomedical Engineering Society2017 BMES Annual Meeting, 2017-10-12


Dissemination of Cellular Spheroids

Jiwon Kim; Young Bin Cho; Shin, Jennifer HyunjongresearcherBiomedical Engineering Society2017 BMES Annual Meeting, 2017-10-12


A Stochastic Model for Chemotaxis of Breast Cancer Cells under EGF Gradient

Lim, Seongjin; Jeon, Jessie SungyunresearcherBMESBMES 2017 Annual meeting, 2017-10-12


Fatigue crack detection using nonlinear guided wave generation

Yi Yang; Ching-Tai Ng; Hyung Jin Lim; Sohn, HoonresearcherTongji UniversityThe 15th East Asia-Pacific Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction, 2017-10-11


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