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Beyond the Michaelis-Menten equation: Accurate and efficient estimation of enzyme kinetic parameters

Choi, Boseung; Rempala, Grzegorz A.; Kim, Jae KyoungresearcherNATURE PUBLISHING GROUPSCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.7, pp.1 - 11, 2017-12


Ground simulation of a hybrid power strategy using fuel cells and solar sells for high-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles

Gang, Byeong Gyu; Kim, Hyuntak; Kwon, SejinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDENERGY, v.141, pp.1547 - 1554, 2017-12


좋은 도시를 만들기 위한 아홉 가지 연구주제

김영철researcher대한건축학회대한건축학회 학회지 건축, v.61, no.12, pp.74 - 75, 2017-12


Network Stack as a Service in the Cloud

Niu, Zhixiong; Xu, Hong; Han, Dongsuresearcher; Cheng, Peng; Xiong, Yongqiang; Chen, Guo; Winstein, KeithACM SIGCOMMACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, 2017-11-30


How will Deep Learning Change Internet Video Delivery?

Yeo, Hyunho; Do, Sunghyun; Han, DongsuresearcherACM SIGCOMMACM Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, 2017-11-30


Extraction of Gene-Environment Interaction from the Biomedical Literature

You, Jinseon; Chung, Jin-Woo; Yang, Wonsuk; Park, Jong-CheolresearcherInternational Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP 2017)Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing (IJCNLP 2017), pp.865 - 874, 2017-11-30


무선광통신 기술

김훈researcher국방 NCW 포럼국방 NCW 포럼 워크숍, 2017-11-29


Sensing and Monitoring of Fatigue Cracks

Sohn, HoonresearcherAustralian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation9th Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics, 2017-11-27


Implementation of WPT Communication System Based on SAE J2847 Standard for Electric Vehicle

LEE, GANGMINH; Park, Jinsol; KIM, YUN SIK; Cho, Dong-HoresearcherIEEEIEEE VNC 2017, 2017-11-27


Heuristic multi-objective optimization algorithm to extract biomarker based on mutation combinations in whole gene information for disease diagnosis

Song, YongJoon; Cho, Dong-HoresearcherInternational Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical ResearchInternational Conference on Biomarkers & Clinical Research, 2017-11-27


Stretchable Organic Light-Emitting Diodes on Elastic Pillars with Plates Connected by Coplanar Serpentine Bridges

Lim, Myungsub; Son, Young Hyun; Choi, Kyung CheolresearcherMaterials Research Society2017 Materials Research Society fall Meeting and Exhibit, 2017 MRS fall meeting, 2017-11-27


Fiber-Shaped OLEDs for Effective Optogenetic Light Stimulation Tools

Kwon, Seonil; Kim, Hyuncheol; Choi, Seungyeop; Lee, Somin; Choi, Kyung CheolresearcherMaterials Research Society2017 Materials Research Society fall Meeting and Exhibit, 2017 MRS fall meeting, 2017-11-27


Teacher-Student 학습을 통한 Parameter의 수가 적고 Wild 환경에 강건한 얼굴 검출 네 트워크 설계

김정욱; 이재혁; 노용만researcher한국멀티미디어학회한국멀티미디어학회 추계학술발표대회, 2017-11-25


관심 객체 분할 개선을 위한 반복적 가역 그래프 컷의 선택적 적용

변준영; 이혁재; 김창익researcher대한전자공학회대한전자공학회 추계학술대회, 2017-11-25


좁은 기준선 영상에서 지역 기술자 성능평가

이한결; 최석언; 김창익researcher대한전자공학회대한전자공학회 추계학술대회, 2017-11-25


VR 영상에서 딥러닝을 이용한 초과 움직임 추출

김학구; 노용만researcher한국멀티미디어학회한국멀티미디어학회 추계학술발표대회, 2017-11-24


접경지역의 도시지정학: 대북전단살포를 사례로

이승욱researcher서울대학교 환경계획연구소풍경으로서 DMZ와 접경지역, 성찰과 상상, 2017-11-24


How to Stabilize Colloidal Quantum Dots by Ligand-Surface Chemistry

Ko, Jae Hyeon; YOO, DONGSUK; Kim, Yong-HyunresearcherSeoul National UniversityICAE 2017, 2017-11-23


A RCWA Based Quantitative Modeling of Optical Efficiency and Spontaneous Emission Enhancement in Organic Light-emitting Diodes

Park, Jaehyeok; Yoo, SeunghyupresearcherKIEEMEThe 4th International Conference on Advanced Electromaterials (ICAE 2017), 2017-11-23


RAM 코팅이 적용 된 B-2 항공기의 RCS 감소 효과 분석

양성준; 윤달재; 이재인; 양우용; 배준우; 명로훈researcher한국전자파학회2017년도 한국전자파학회 종합학술대회, 2017-11-23


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