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High Resolution Synthesized Magnetic Field Focusing for RF Barcode Applications

Kim, Min Woo; Kim, Ji H; Cho, Yeonje; Kim, Minsik; Choi, Bo H; Lee, Kwy-Roresearcher; Kim, Joungho; Cho, Gyu-Hyeongresearcher; Rim, Chun TaekIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, v.65, no.1, pp.597 - 607, 2018-01


A Comparative Study on Hot-Carrier Injection in 5-story Vertically Integrated Inversion-Mode and Junctionless-Mode Gate-All-Around MOSFETs

Kim, Seong-Yeon; Lee, Byung-Hyun; Hur, Jae; Park, Jun-Young; Jeon, Seung-Bae; Lee, Seung-Wook; Choi, Yang-KyuresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.39, no.1, pp.4 - 7, 2018-01


Selectivity of photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction modulated with electron transfer from size-tunable quantized energy states of CdSe nanocrystals

Cho, Hyunjin; Kim, Whi Dong; Lee, Kangha; Lee, Seokwon; Kang, Gil-Seong; Joh, Han-Lk; Lee, Doh C.researcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVAPPLIED SURFACE SCIENCE, v.429, pp.2 - 8, 2018-01


A Direct Visual Servoing-based Framework for 2016 IROS Autonomous Drone Racing Challenge

Jung, Sunggoo; Cho, Sungwook; Lee, Dasol; Lee, Hanseob; Shim, David HyunchulresearcherWILEY-BLACKWELLJOURNAL OF FIELD ROBOTICS, v.35, no.1, pp.146 - 166, 2018-01


Critical heat flux on downward-facing carbon steel flat plates under atmospheric condition

Kam, Dong Hoon; Choi, Young Jae; Jeong, Yong HoonresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE INCEXPERIMENTAL THERMAL AND FLUID SCIENCE, v.90, pp.22 - 27, 2018-01


Heat transfer enhancement by asymmetrically clamped flexible flags in a channel flow

Lee, Jae Bok; Park, Sung Goon; Sung, Hyung JinresearcherPERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.116, pp.1003 - 1015, 2018-01


The Effect of EV Aggregators with Time-Varying Delays on the Stability of a Load Frequency Control System

Ko, Kab Seok; Sung, Dan KeunresearcherIEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INCIEEE Transactions on Power Systems, v.33, no.1, pp.669 - 680, 2018-01


Assessing Venture Capital Industry Growth in Korea

Chung, Hae Jinresearcher; Kang, Moon YoungresearcherEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTDMANAGERIAL FINANCE, v.44, no.1, pp.74 - 85, 2018-01


Improvement of the thermal stability of Nb:TiO2-x samples for uncooled infrared detectors

Reddy, Y. Ashok Kumar; Kang, In-Ku; Shin, Young Bong; Lee, Hee ChulresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDJOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, v.51, no.2, 2018-01


Effects of Si/SiO2 interface stress on the performance of ultra-thin-body field effect transistors: A first-principles study

Jung, Hyo Eun; Shin, MincheolresearcherIOP PUBLISHING LTDNANOTECHNOLOGY, v.29, no.2, 2018-01


Fabrication of Na0.7MnO2/C composite cathode material by simple heat treatment for high-power na-ion batteries

Sohn, Dongrak; Lim, Sung-Jin; Nam, Do-Hwan; Hong, Kyung-Sik; Kim, TaeHee; Oh, Se-Kwon; Eom, Ji-Yong; Cho, Eun Aeresearcher; Kwon, HyukSangresearcherKOREAN INST METALS MATERIALSELECTRONIC MATERIALS LETTERS, v.14, no.1, pp.30 - 36, 2018-01


D3: Recognizing dynamic scenes with deep dual descriptor based on key frames and key segments

Hong, Sungeun; Ryu, Jongbin; Im, Woobin; Yang, Hyun S.researcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVNEUROCOMPUTING, v.273, pp.611 - 621, 2018-01


A low-voltage low-power capacitive-feedback voltage controlled oscillator

Rastegar, Habibresearcher; Zare, Saeid; Ryu, Jee-YoulELSEVIER SCIENCE BVINTEGRATION-THE VLSI JOURNAL, v.60, pp.257 - 262, 2018-01


A new method to produce cellulose nanofibrils from microalgae and the measurement of their mechanical strength

Lee, Hyun-Ro; Kim, KyuHan; Mun, Sung Cik; Chang, Yong Keunresearcher; Choi, Siyoung Q.researcherElsevier LtdCarbohydrate Polymers, v.180, pp.276 - 285, 2018-01


Bimodal phase separated block copolymer/homopolymer blends self-assembly for hierarchical porous metal nanomesh electrodes

Kim, Ju Young; Jin, Hyeong Min; Jeong, Seong-Jun; Chang, Taeyong; Kim, Bong Hoon; Cha, Seung Jeun; Kim, Jun Soo; Shin, Dong Ok; Choi, Jin Young; Kim, Jang Hwan; Yang, Geon Gug; Jeon, Suwan; Lee, Young-Gi; Kim, Kwang Man; Shin, Jonghwaresearcher; Kim, Sang OukresearcherROYAL SOC CHEMISTRYNANOSCALE, v.10, no.1, pp.100 - 108, 2018-01



Jung, Paul HeajoonresearcherAMER MATHEMATICAL SOCTRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY, v.370, no.1, pp.641 - 668, 2018-01


Amplitude Modulation of Anomalously Refracted Terahertz Waves with Gated-Graphene Metasurfaces

Kim, Teun-Teun; Kim, Hyunjun; Kenney, Mitchell; Park, Hyun-Sung; Kim, Hyeon-Don; Min, Bumkiresearcher; Zhang, ShuangWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.6, no.1, 2018-01


Introduction to the special issue on the Korean financial markets

Lee, Hongbok; Park, KwangwooresearcherEMERALD GROUP PUBLISHING LTDMANAGERIAL FINANCE, v.44, no.1, pp.2 - 4, 2018-01


Highly Durable Platinum Single-Atom Alloy Catalyst for Electrochemical Reactions

Kim, Jiwhan; Roh, Chi-Woo; Sahoo, Suman Kalyan; Yang, Sungeun; Bae, Junemin; Han, Jeong Woo; Lee, HyunjooresearcherWILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBHADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.8, no.1, 2018-01


Display process compatible accurate graphene patterning for OLED applications

Shin, Jin-Wook; Han, Jun-Han; Cho, Hyunsu; Moon, Jaehyun; Kwon, Byoung-Hwa; Cho, Seungmin; Yoon, Taeshik; Kim, Taek-Sooresearcher; Suemitsu, Maki; Lee, Jeong-Ik; Cho, Nam SungInstitute of Physics Publishing2D Materials, v.5, no.1, 2018-01


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