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Use of Liposome as Carrier of a Novel Anti-Inflammatory Agent, Prednisolone Plamitate

Byun, Si Myung, Contemporary Themes in Biochem. FAOB, pp.320 -, 1986

Use of liposome to transfer plasmid DNA into yeast cells = 효모 세포 속으로 plasmid DNA 를 옮기기 위한 liposome 의 이용link

Ahn, Jong-Seog; 안종석; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1985

Use of local memory for efficient Java execution

Tomar, S.; Kim, Soontaeresearcher; Vijaykrishnan, N.; Kandemir, M.; Irwin, M.J., IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, pp.468 - 473, 2001-09

Use of Machine Learning Methods to Reduce Predictive Error of Groundwater Models

Xu, Tianfang; Valocchi, Albert J.; Choi, Jaesik; Amir, Eyal, GROUNDWATER, v.52, no.3, pp.448 - 460, 2014-05

Use of mesoporous carbon to construct electrochemical biosensing system

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Kim, Moon Il; Lee, JW, The Annual World Conference on Carbon (Carbon 2011), World Conference on Carbon, 2011-07-25

Use of metabolic engineering for production of high molecular weight protein, spider silk protein, in Escherichia coli

Yang, JE; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Chung, HN; Xia, XX, Metabolic Engineering Summit, International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES), 2015-12-01

Use of metabolic engineering for production of recombinant spider silk proteins

Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Binkley, R; Chung, H; Xia, XX, 2016 KIChE Fall Meeting, 한국화학공학회, 2016-10-19

Use of methicillin and ampicillin mixture as a selective pressure in the cultivation of recombinant E. coli

Lee, D.C.; Kim, Hak-Sungresearcher, BIOTECHNOLOGY TECHNIQUES, v.10, no.12, pp.937 - 940, 1996

Use of modified glasses for a microarray-based diagnosis of BRCA mutations

Ham, Hyun-Ok; Chung, Won-Young; Park, Kyoung-Hwan; Lee, Joo-Hyung; Park, Hyun-Gyuresearcher, BIOCHIP JOURNAL, v.2, no.2, pp.111 - 115, 2008-06

Use of multi-attribute decision analysis for designing operations system framework in telecommunications management network

Kim, Young-Myoung; Kim, Jai-Hyun; Kim, Soung Hieresearcher, COMPUTERS OPERATIONS RESEARCH, v.27, no.14, pp.1375 - 1388, 2000-12

Use of Multiple Electron Beams for the Improvement of X-ray Beam Quality

Cho, Sung Ohresearcher; Ihsan, Aamir; Heo, Sung Hwan, 제 82회 한국물리학회, pp.190 -, 한국물리학회, 2006

Use of NaCl prevents aggregation of recombinant COMP-Angiopoietin-1 in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Ju, Hye Kyung; Hwang, Su-Jeong; Jeon, Choon-Ju; Lee, Gyun-Minresearcher; Yoon, Sung Kwan, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, v.143, no.2, pp.145 - 150, 2009-08

Use of nanoporous columnar thin film in the wafer-level packaging of MEMS devices

Lee, Byung-Kee; Choi, Dong-Hoon; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher, JOURNAL OF MICROMECHANICS AND MICROENGINEERING, v.20, no.4, 2010-04

Use of nonsingular boundary integral formulation for reducing errors due to near-field measurements in the boundary element method based near-field acoustic holography

Kang, SC; Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE ACOUSTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA, v.109, no.4, pp.1320 - 1328, 2001-04

Use of Online Community among Caregivers and its Influence on Coping Appraisal, Psychological Well-Being of Caregiver

Bae, HyeYoon; Lee, Eue-Hunresearcher, 2014 CLSG, 한국유통학회 춘계학술대회, 한국유통학회, 서울대학교, 2014-05-24

Use of orange peel extract for mixotrophic cultivation of chlorella vulgaris and optimization of prange peel medium

박원근; 최강국; 양지원, 2014한국생물공학회, 한국생물공학회, 2014-10-06

Use of orange peel extract for mixotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris: Increased production of biomass and FAMEs

Park, Wonkun; Moon, Myounghoon; Kwak, Min-Su; Jeon, Seungjib; Choi, Gang-Guk; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher; Lee, Bongsoo, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, v.171, pp.343 - 349, 2014-11

Use of organic waste from the brewery industry for high-density cultivation of the docosahexaenoic acid-rich microalga, Aurantiochytrium sp KRS101

Ryu, Byoung Gon; Kim, Kyochan; Kim, Jungmin; Han, Jong-Inresearcher; Yang, Ji-Wonresearcher, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, v.129, pp.351 - 359, 2013-02

Use of organic waste from the brewery industry for high-density cultivation of the docosahexaenoic acid-rich microalga, Aurantiochytrium sp. KRS101

, BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, v.129, no.0, pp.351 - 359, 2013-02

Use of Parameter Estimation for Proactive Scheduling

Park, Hyungjin; Choi, Jaein; Lee, Jay H.; Realff, Matthew J.; Park, Sunwonresearcher, KIChE Fall Meeting, pp.3011 - 3014, KIChE, 2001



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