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Visualization of the Network of Primo Vessels and Primo Nodes Above the Pia Mater of the Brain and Spine of Rats by Using Alcian Blue

Lee, HoSung; Lee, Byung Cheon, JAMS JOURNAL OF ACUPUNCTURE AND MERIDIAN STUDIES, v.5, no.5, pp.218 - 225, 2012-10


Visualization of the Reasoning Process of a Knowledge-Based Design Support System for the Structural Design of Ships

Han, Soonhungresearcher; Lee, K.H; Lee, D; Kim, E.K; Lee, KC, ICCAS 94, 8th Intl Conf on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding, v.2, pp.10 - 14, British Maritime Technology, 1994-09


Visualization of the solid-liquid equilibria for non-flammable mixed refrigerants

Lee, Cheonkyu; Yoo, Junghyun; Lee, Jisung; Jeong, Sangkwonresearcher, CRYOGENICS, v.75, pp.26 - 34, 2016-04


Visualization of the sparsely scattered data on the surface of the sphere = 구면상에서 희소하게 산재한 자료의 가시화link

An, Seong-Jun; 안성준; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1991


Visualization of the subcooled flow boiling of R-134a in a vertical rectangular channel with an electrically heated wall

Bang, IC; Chang, Soon-Heungresearcher; Baek, WP, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER, v.47, no.19-20, pp.4349 - 4363, 2004-09


Visualization of the Synthetic Environment Data Representation & Interchange Specification data for verifying large-scale synthetic environment data

Kang, Yuna; Kim, Hyungki; Han, Soonhungresearcher, JOURNAL OF DEFENSE MODELING AND SIMULATION, v.12, no.4, pp.507 - 518, 2015-10


Visualization of three dimensional domain structures in ferroelectric PbTiO3 nanotubes

Yoo, Hyunjun; Bae, Changdeuck; Kim, Myungjun; Hong, Daniel Seungbumresearcher; No, Kwangsooresearcher; Kim, Yunseok; Shin, Hyunjung, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.103, no.2, 2013-07


Visualization of Transient Response of Acoustic Source Field Using the BEM-Based NAH

Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, ICSV15, pp.0 - 0, 2008-07


Visualization of Transient Wave Fields Using BEM-based NAH and Fourier Analysis

Ih, Jeong-Guonresearcher, ASK, 2009-05


Visualization of two-phae flow by using transparent Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell

이동률; 배중면researcher, KSNRE 2009 Spring Conference, KSRNE, 2009-06


Visualization of two-phase flow in the channel of PEMFC

이동률; 배중면researcher, KSME/KSAE 2009 Spring joint conference, KSME/KSAE, 2009-05


Visualization of Underwater Implosion

Kim, Imgyu; Han, Soonhungresearcher, International Symposium on Computational Design and Engineering 2017, Society for Computational Design and Engineering, 2017-12-14


Visualization of ventilated supercavitation phenomena around a moving underwater body

Chung, J; Cho, Yeun Wooresearcher, 2015 KAIST-Keio University Joint Workshop on Advanced Fluid Mechanics, KAIST, 2015-08-14


Visualization of virtual weld beads

Jo, Dongsik; Kim, Yongwanresearcher; Yang, Ungyeon; Lee, Gun A.; Choi, Jin Sung, 16th ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology, pp.269 - 270, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2009


Visualization of vortical structures in a turbulent pipe flow at Reτ = 3008

Ahn, Junsun; Sung, Hyung Jin, 68th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, 68th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, 2015-11


Visualization of Welding and Joining Processes, Based on CFD - Simulations

Na, Suck-Jooresearcher; Cho, DW; Cho, WI, 2012 Visual-JW, Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, 2012-11-29


Visualization on selective evaporation of binary mixture droplets

Kim, Hyoungsooresearcher; Stone, Howard, 5th International Conference on Experimental Fluid Mechanics, Bundeswehr University Munich, 2018-07-05


Visualization study of the vortex behavior and fluid layer formation of a periodically pulsating jet under a ceiling

Han, YS; Shin, Hyun Dongresearcher, JOURNAL OF FIRE SCIENCES, v.25, no.6, pp.509 - 522, 2007-11


Visualization Tool for Protein-Protein Interaction Network Analysis with Gene Ontology

Park, Jinahresearcher, The 7th Korea-Singapore Workshop on Bioinformatics and Natural Language Proecssing, 2008-02-15


Visualizations of large-scale vortices about a finite-thickness flat plate in pulsating flow

Hyun, Jae Minresearcher; Sung, Hyung Jinresearcher, EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS, v.29, no.2, pp.198 - 201, 2000



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