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Modulated Ionomer Distribution in the Catalyst Layer of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells for High Temperature Operation

Choo, Min Ju; Oh, Keun-Hwan; Kim, Hee-Takresearcher; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher, CHEMSUSCHEM, v.7, no.8, pp.2335 - 2341, 2014-08

Tuning the Ionomer Distribution in the Fuel Cell Catalyst Layer with Scaling the Ionomer Aggregate Size in Dispersion

Doo, Gisu; Lee, Ji-Hye; Yuk, Seongmin; Choi, Sungyu; Lee, Dong-Hyun; Lee, Dong-Wook; Kim, Hyun Gyu; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.21, pp.17835 - 17841, 2018-05



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