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A computational statistics approach for estimating the spatial range of morphogen gradients

Kanodia, Jitendra S.; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Tomer, Raju; Khan, Zia; Chung, Kwanghun; Storey, John D.; Lu, Hang; et al, DEVELOPMENT, v.138, no.22, pp.4867 - 4874, 2011-11


RTK signaling modulates the Dorsal gradient

Helman, Aharon; Lim, Bomyi; Jose Andreu, Maria; Kim, Yoosikresearcher; Shestkin, Tatyana; Lu, Hang; Jimenez, Gerardo; et al, DEVELOPMENT, v.139, no.16, pp.3032 - 3039, 2012-08


Stability of Eshelby dislocations in FCC crystalline nanowires

Ryu, Seunghwaresearcher; Cai, Wei, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY, v.86, pp.26 - 36, 2016-11


Stored elastic energy powers the 60-mu m extension of the Limulus polyphemus sperm actin bundle

Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher; Mahadevan, L; Waller, GS; Langsetmo, K; Matsudaira, P, JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, v.162, no.7, pp.1183 - 1188, 2003-09


Structural Dynamics of an Actin Spring

Mahadevan, L; Riera, CS; Shin, Jennifer Hyunjongresearcher, BIOPHYSICAL JOURNAL, v.100, no.4, pp.839 - 844, 2011-02



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