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Chemical Strategies to Modify Amyloidogenic Peptides by Iridium(III) Complexes: Coordination and Photo-Induced Oxidation

Kang, J; Lim, Mi Heeresearcher; Nam, JS; Lee, HJ; Nam, G; Rhee, H-W; Kwon, T-H대한화학회123회 대한화학회 춘계 학술대회, 2019-04-18


Framework of Judgement System for Smart Home Assistant utilizing Collective Intelligence Case-Based Reasoning

Lai, Po Yan; Kim, Meereh; Choi, Minkyu; Lee, Chae-Seok; Porcellini, Valentin; Yi, Taeha; Lee, Ji-HyunresearcherCAADRIAIntelligent & Informed, pp.695 - 704, 2019-04-16


Land Price Prediction System using Case-Based Reasoning

Choi, Minkyu; Yi, Taeha; Kim, Meereh; Lee, Ji-HyunresearcherCAADRIAIntelligent & Informed, pp.767 - 774, 2019-04-16


Computing Spatial Features to Allocate Collision-free Motion-Paths for Tele-presence Avatars

Dwivedi, Urvashi; Porcellini, Valentin; Hong, Sukjoo; Chang, Zhuming; Lee, Ji-HyunresearcherCAADRIAIntelligent & Informed, pp.245 - 254, 2019-04-15


Colorimetric Photothermal Sensing over Wide-Range of Temperatures Using Multicolor Block Copolymer-MoS2 Nanocomposites

박찬호; Kim, Tae Wan; 이건호; 김동재; Kin Liao; 김신현researcher; 김범준researcher한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-12


Advanced Transarterial Chemoembolization Using Magnetic Janus Microparticles with Anti-Angiogenetic Drugs for Liver Cancer

민남기; 조수정; 박우람; 김신현researcher; 김동현한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-12


Designing Nanodimple Arrays for Plasmonic Color Patterning

이승열; 김신현researcher한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-11


Dynamic Change of Pronounced Structural Colors through Mechanical Deformation for Active Camouflage

이건호; 한상훈; 김종빈; 김종현; 이정민; 김신현researcher한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-11


Regioselective Deposition of Colloidal Crystals on 2D-patterned Templates by Depletion-induced Assembly

박상혁; 이승열; 김신현researcher한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-11


Interfacial Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic Tiles for Reconfigurable Photonic Surfaces

김종빈; 이건호; 김신현researcher한국고분자학회2019 춘계 고분자학회, 2019-04-11


Medical application of genome-scale metabolic models

김현욱researcher한국대사체학회2019 한국대사체학회 정기학술대회, 2019-04-05


Turbulent jet-assisted microfiltration for energy efficient harvesting of microalgae

Kim, Donghyun; Kwak, Minsoo; Kim, Kyochan; Chang, Yong KeunresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE BVJOURNAL OF MEMBRANE SCIENCE, v.575, pp.170 - 178, 2019-04


Continuous fatigue crack length estimation for aluminum 6061-T6 plates with a notch

Lim, Hyung Jin; Lee, Young-Joo; Sohn, HoonresearcherACADEMIC PRESS LTD- ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDMECHANICAL SYSTEMS AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.120, pp.356 - 364, 2019-04


Form class groups for extended ring class fields

Koo, Ja-Kyungresearcher; Shin, Dong Hwa; Yoon, Dong SungACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEJOURNAL OF NUMBER THEORY, v.197, pp.13 - 36, 2019-04


Primitive and totally primitive Fricke families with applications (II)

Jung, Ho Yun; Koo, Ja-Kyungresearcher; Shin, Dong HwaACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, v.472, no.1, pp.432 - 446, 2019-04


Generators of Siegel modular function fields of higher genus and level

Koo, Ja-Kyungresearcher; Shin, Dong Hwa; Yoon, Dong SungACADEMIC PRESS INC ELSEVIER SCIENCEJOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL ANALYSIS AND APPLICATIONS, v.472, no.1, pp.447 - 465, 2019-04


The dynamics of multiple interacting swirl-stabilized flames in a lean-premixed gas turbine combustor

Lee, Taesong; Park, Junhyeong; Han, Dongsik; Kim, Kyu TaeresearcherELSEVIER SCIENCE INCPROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE, v.37, no.4, pp.5137 - 5145, 2019-04


Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery by Sonophoresis and Simultaneous Application of Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis

Park, Juhyun; Lee, Hyowon; Lim, Guei-Sam; Kim, Nayoung; Kim, Dongwon; Kim, Yeu-ChunresearcherSPRINGERAAPS PHARMSCITECH, v.20, no.3, 2019-04


Microkinetic modeling of aqueous phase biomass conversion:Application to ethylene glycol reforming

Gu, Geun Horesearcher; Wittreich, Gerhard R.; Vlachos, Dionisios G.PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTDCHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, v.197, pp.415 - 418, 2019-04


Apparent temperature: demystifying the relation between quantum coherence, correlations, and heat flows

Latune, C. L.; Sinayskiy, I; Petruccione, F.IOP PUBLISHING LTDQUANTUM SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, v.4, no.2, 2019-04


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